Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let them Eat Cake!

Introducing the latest trend in Leisure wear! least that's what it seemed to me as I underwent 3 surgeries in less than 2 months!
It's been an interesting ride so far. I underwent a unilateral Mastectomy (removal of just the right breast) with no reconstruction (channeling my amazonian sista's) and a sentinel node biopsy in which they just removed the first lymph node. I awoke to cheery faces and the good news that my lymph node was clear of stray cancer cells.

So with Fhubby, my mum, her friend Denyse and good friends around I was able to manage recovery quite swiftly considering. And must have had some good drugs cause I decided that getting my hair chopped 3 days out of hospital would be a good idea as well! Fhubby wasn't too pleased unfortunately as he thought I was looking mighty fine and had to get back on a plane that afternoon and return to the boat!!! oops! Well there´s always Skype!

Jump forward 1 week and I was feeling pretty good...only to be met with the news at my regular doc visit, that a 3rd test was preformed on the lymph node...(well who the bleedin heck said that 3 times is the charm!!!) Sorry to say, but they did in fact find cancer cells in the node which would qualify me the lucky winner of another trip to the chop shop! This time to remove the lymph nodes from under my right arm. Never mind the lack of coordination in movement I was about to you know how difficult it is to coordinate time for all this stuff when your Fhubby is away, your mum and friend are about to depart back to Canada, and your daughter is about to turn 3!!! Thank goodness my Doc has a sense of humor! We immediately made arrangements for a relief engineer to cover for Fhubby and he was on a flight back by the end of the following week, which gave me just enough time to execute a birthday party for Jax which would take place the day before my 3rd and hopefully final surgery.

Now of course when I started this blog it was intended to be a blog about crafts and art and everything fun. I had not intended for cancer to sabotage it! But now I have a blog about Breast Cancer and crafts...weird. Crafting however, is my therapy so you'll have to forgive me if you think I went a little overboard with her party decorations! But big thanks to Mum and Denyse who helped all the way through and didn't mind taking my scatter brained instructions. So here's a few pics from the hurricanes 3rd birthday extravaganza... (will post some of her finished kitchen pics as soon as I get a new camera!!!)

Oh and as for results from the surgeries...all subsequent lymph nodes came back clear as well as my recent bone scan. So now we've just got the Chemo to get through and will let ya know how that is going as we progress...
Crafts and Cancer???! ....oh well!

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