My Entire life I have been making "Stuff" - art stuff, clay stuff, wood stuff, macaroni bead stuff! You name it, I have probably attempted it. My mother was an artist and crafter and my father a woodworking enthusiast. There weren´t too many days that went by that I wasn´t helping with their projects. It appears to have rubbed off on me!
Now I enjoy creating with my own little helper. She´s especially good at preparing canvases and cranking out felt shapes, however her favorite is definitely product testing.

Tired of expensive dresses that would be worn only twice before being outgrown, I began sewing my first few dresses that will last her well into her 5th and 6th year. Oh how a fabric addiction can grow!!! I somehow managed to fall in love with each one that I created but knew that she could not possibly wear them all, so I decided to share and set a good example. And with that...my little shop was created.

Well Jax wasn´t satisfied with just pretty dresses and she soon began requesting fun things too. And so my little shop grew, adding fairy wands and ribbon rings, and princess crowns, paintings and decor items, and and and... My head is creating faster than my hands!
My hope is to continually expand our items and offer you quality, unique handcrafted fun for your little ones and their friends, and even you big kids! to enjoy for years to come.

Why a blog and not a website?... Well I´m a firm believer that the journey is all part of the fun!
I´ll be adding links to our items, and hoping to keep you up to date on projects as we go. Join us for a bumpy ride full of giggles!

Gorgeous Fabrics available from Sandi Henderson
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