Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dumpster Diver and Proud!

Okay..I haven't gone so far as to actually dive into dumpsters,
Errr well..not since I was 9 anyways,
and collecting bottles and cans for a trip to Disneyland!

Recycled Magazine Wastebasket at Apartment Therapy

However, I hate to see good useful junk go to waste
or worse..the landfill!

Fhubby and I agree to disagree on the whole issue of recycling.
His take is that the whole concept, although beneficial in some ways, has just created more industry and therefore potentially more damage to the environment. In some instances I have to say I agree.

However I'm a believer...
in change...
in doing something different...
in making a difference
one hoarded box of loo rolls at a time!

So Hey-ho..I'm an Up-cycler, not a re-cycler!
Gotta love my Fhubby, he puts up with my collections! Just don't tell him about this post...Cause instead of the trash bin, he'll be hauling me off to the Loopy bin!

Why you wonder...

Because I'm just not getting a big enough kick out of my trash,
And I was really hoping to ask you all for yours too!

I know...how good does this sound!
"Please think of me when you're throwing out the trash!"
Actually in my perfect world you will have your lovely recycle bins all lined up, with a pink one thrown in that has my name on it! (that sounds a little better!) And in it, I would shower you with gratitude, to find the following items.


Corks, Cava wire cage, Wine bottles (I like empty-Fhubby likes full)
Broken costume jewellery
broken, non functioning watches (any kind)
egg cartons (if clean and no egg drippies)
KinderEgg capsules
small babyfood jars with lids
cereal boxes
old birthday and Christmas card covers
Expired Wallpaper/Fabric swatch books (I know, unlikely but ya gotta ask)
Cotton T-shirts (bar-B-Q stains okay!)
bubble wrap, styrofoam packing beans
crayon/colored pencil stubs
fishy cracker containers
dryer lint (though keep it in a safe place whilst collecting as it's highly flammable!)

If I can think of anything else I'll update the list...
however, If in doubt...Don't throw it out!

Really Fhub...I'm not loopy...
I'm trying to save the world...
and reduce my art supplies budget!

Thanks Lovelies, you'll be saving me from actually diving!!heehee

*My apologies dear readers, for this being more of a locally focused post,

however some of you crafty ones abroad might get inspired to reduce your craft supply budget too!

Monday, August 16, 2010

SOLD! - 1 ugly fixer-upper

With the housing prices as they are,
Our Fairies opted for a really cheap fixer-upper!

As you can see it's going to take A LOT of work

Phase 1
milk cartons and Loo rolls
Can't beat 'em!

Phase 2
What a difference a little glue, water and paper can make!

Phase 3
Ooooooo, Beach treasures!

We're currently awaiting Phase 4,
and we'll update here as it progresses!
be sure to bookmark this page if you're as curious as we are!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Fairy Fiesta and tutorial

Wow! Did we get a great big Thank You this morning!
Not only had the Fairies left Jax a lovely shell heart in their new lawn,
But it looks like they had a fiesta to celebrate!
Complete with pixie dust and party bunting!

And like good little Pixies, they left a set of instructions
in case you're own fairies want to make some for their garden?!
Leave the instructions where your fairies will see them
and a plate of cookies...
(it takes a lot of fairies and hard work to manage scissors!)
and perhaps you'll be rewarded with your very own
Fairy Fiesta!

They will need:
Small fabric scraps (at least 2cm wide)
twine or string
fabric or craft glue

Press your fabric scraps so that you have a folded piece at least 1cm wide
(adjust your sizing depending on scale of garden)

Trim so that you are left with folded strips approx 1cm wide when folded.

Cut into triangles

Determine the length of cord you will need and knot at both ends.
Be sure to leave plenty of extra on the ends to tie to your garden

Arrange your flags as you like

Open up all flags and place a small dollop of glue in the seam
*Fabric glue is quite forgiving and can be manipulated easily,
however with craft glue you may need some extra mini clothes pegs
to help hold them closed whilst they dry.

Sprinkle with pixie dust
and hang

Then Boogie till the sun comes up!!!

And to see our Fairy Housing Construction progress
Click here

Sharing is Caring...
TGC - Just something I whipped up
Making the World Cuter
Skip to My Lou
Tools are for Women too
Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Saturday, August 14, 2010

With a wink and a wish...

Oops...did I disappear there yet again?!
Ya ya...I'll go into that another day.
Today however, I wanted to share with you a very special place.

As you know, we were inspired by the Magic Onions blog
and created our own Fairy Garden.

Now the magic continues as The Magic Onions is hosting

Ohhhh such inspiration and delightfully enchanting wonderlands.
We first posted our own creation here,
and mentioned it would be a work in progress...

Well those wee folk have been keen and busy this summer
and have been creating a lovely little garden for themselves whilst we sleep. Jax is well keen to bound out of bed in the mornings to see what they have been up to! (this has been a great way to get her ready for the impending early school mornings...and as I type she has asked to go to bed!)

So off we go to light the lantern for their nightly work...
and we leave you with a few images of our humble contribution.

Jax was excited to discover the playground...
But a little concerned that they didn't ask before using our button to make their swing.

What's that you see next door???

A newly prepared plot of land, awaiting it's wee little house.

the fairies were so excited to receive a new garden...
they threw a Fiesta!

To be continued
With a wink and a wish...

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