Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mad as a Hatter?...Why Yes I am!

Oooooooooooo we've gone a bit mad around here lately!
Okay...the fhubby has known I'm mad all along
but I can feign sanity when it's necessary!

This is not one of those times!

I've been scouring the Island looking for tea cups and have come against wall after wall! The few charity shops have set aside 1 or 2 for me but otherwise they've been elusive! Finally today I found a shop out of the blue with a lovely selection of mix and match!
Aren't they just gorgeous!

And most certainly perfect for a wee mad tea party!
which is why I've gone a bit mad myself.

I've got just 3 weeks to get myself sorted and organized for
Jax 4th Birthday

Look out..
The glue is flying,
The spray paint is set to radical mode
and we're having Fun fun FUN!
Turning everything...
From Drab...

To Fab!

I found a great tutorial from Joyshope
for the cake stand and am pretty happy with my efforts!

Fhubby is just shaking his head!
Ohhhhh yes I just said that...
The Fhubby is finally home!
Excuse me whilst I leave you with these few sneak peeks
and I head to the kitchen to see what's cookin!
My mans back where he belongs!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Try your Luck Tuesday - Streamer Frock

I'm not sure why I'm sharing this today...
I just want to be really greedy
and keep the number of entrants really low...
Just to better my own odds...
But that would be really mean...
Damn I hate being the Nice gal!

Kathleen over at Grosgrain is one super talented self taught seamstress, who's take on patterns echos my own (they really are written in Japanese aren't they?!?) She has turned out some stunning outfits and her generosity is outstanding.

There's far more giveaways over on her blog but this one just makes me giddy!

Can you tell I really really really want this dress!!!

But since Mama taught me to always be nice I'll share...

Go on..Try your Luck

(you could always gift it to me if you win!)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To Italy with Love...

Happy Fathers Day Daddy

We Love you and hope you can make your way home soon!
We've kept the light on for you!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So I've gotten bitten by a wee swapping bug
and have become slightly addicted to making ATC's
Artist Trading Cards
Oh memories of all those childhood days spent trading
hockey cards and Garbage pail kids!

I love to see what others come up with
and how creative just a small little work of art can be.
I've seen a few around the web and I must say they are amazing!
A bit average, but with a bit more time...

This one is for a Dr. Suess themed swap
Done in Watercolour and ink (my favorite medium)
I've added the quote "Keep Calm and Carry On" to the back
just for a bit of cheek!

And this one is for a Girly themed Swap
Using my favorite Amy Butler fabric and some bling.
I meant to do some sewing embellishment over this one as well,
but guess what...
You can't sew over rhinestones!

my favorite part..
it's quiet, small and quick.
I can do one in the morning before the chooch wakes up
and therefor start my day creatively.
It's a way for me to practice my drawing and painting
which is seriously rusty..
Yet not have the threat of a big blank canvas staring me down!

Just wish they came with candy...
I Loved those little fish bones and boots!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Spring into Summer

Well so much for the power of positive thoughts!

Had a surprising call from the fhubby this weekend and was instantly elated that they had arrived in Gibraltar several days early! Yay.....You'll be home in a couple days then?!!!!

Uh errrr well not exactly...

Turns out they have to go on to Italy first for an inspection and survey.

Do not pass go,
Do not collect 200 dollars
and sorry but you're going to have to sit patiently for another
Blaaaaaaady 2 weeks!

Okay, I really DO give up!
Spring will officially be over and the garden fully grown
One more call like that mister and I really am hiring a Garden boy!

So a few therapeutic crafting sessions to keep us occupied..

First Jax and I made this lovely Lantern
using some of the leaves from the garden and inspired by
The Magic Onions and Childhood Magic

recycle tip: Bought new shoes???
Those paper toe inserts are perfect for this!

I also have been inspired by some really cute button pictures lately, though cannot provide a link as I've seen them in several places and now cannot remember. Anywhoooo.... I received a huge parcel of buttons in the mail today and went gaga! Droooooool. I Love buttons!

So in our celebration of the garden
I whipped up this little embroidered hoop.

errr...don't mind what looks like a blue stain..
I had to tape it to the wall to photograph it as the suns down already!

It is such a joy each day to see Jax excitement
when a new flower blooms or the sunflowers grow higher.

Now if there were a little magic to keep her from growing so fast...
Just a little...

at least until Daddy comes home!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Don't mess with my turtle!!!

It's that time again...
Craft Hope has launched Project 8
and we're jumping in!

If you recall, we contributed a set of number beanbags
For the Liberian Orphan Education Project.
All together Craft Hope sent nearly 200 Beanbag sets!
As the Chooch would say...
That just tickles my socks!

This time round they're making it easy...
So easy that all you need to know is how to sew in a straight line!
Or crochet or knit (but that's sooooo not my thing!)

We're making rags

and we're helping clean up....

Some dumbnuts outrageous mess!

That's all I'll say about it cause I don't want to turn this into an
Effin and Blindin sort of post!

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

Craft hope will be collecting rag donations and delivering them directly to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies who are working hard to protect our dolphins and sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico.

Choochmagooz is Hoping to send a Big Box...I Mean BIG BOX!
So here is how you can help too...If you're local, contact me, I am willing to cut and sew if you're willing to donate your old towels, t'shirts, cotton or flannel baby wraps. If you can sew too all the better. Ask for donations at your schools, at your churches and everywhere in between.
If you can't sew and don't have anything old kicking around...perhaps you'd consider dropping a few coins in the bucket to help me out with shipping. Anything makes a difference.

If you're not local....Go on
get your friends together and get collecting!

For all information please visit the Craft Hope Website via the button above.

And may I just share with you one of my all time favorite photo's

This picture of Fhubby and a baby sea turtle was taken well before I met him, but It always captured me and made me think what a bloody good man he is and how.... yup...that's father material that one!

....all for the love of a turtle!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Best

Just a quick update for you today. We're off to a BarBQ and with all the luck in the world it will be our last without the Fhubby! He finally left Antigua (after they arrived with a hole blown in the main engine exhaust) last Saturday. Which would put the countdown today at 7 or 8 days to Gibralter!

So it's a happy day and I just felt like putting on the Sunday best for the day!
I finally bought myself a cute Maxi dress and after some crochet embellishing and altering I can actually wear it! Not an easy task when you've got cleave and not cleavage!

And when Fhubby left 4 months ago I still didn't have hair, Oh glorious hair! I thought I'd celebrate that by whipping up a little shabby flower hairband to match the new dress.

Happy Sunday!
Enjoy a day of rest as we're kicking off a big project tomorrow!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Food fight Friday

Oi Vay... That procrastination bug bit me real good!

But have no fear I'm back just in time to sling something delish directly at your thighs!
Don't even try to hide behind that table, these have special stealth thigh seekers attached!

I came across these yummy gooey delights
aka: Magic Marshmallow Crescent Puffs
from Erin at Making Memories during one of my blog hops, and was very downhearted as Pilsbury dough has eluded me for years on this Island!

Let me tell you what happens when some
crazed dislocated Canadian comes across
Pilsbury dinner rolls in the German gourmet deli.....

I tell ya...
there was dancing, hippity hop
there was singing...LaaaLaLaaaaaaa
and the heavens parted!

ok that last one I made up,
really every other customer parted and gave me That look!

So armed with Dinner rolls (They had to do!) and 'Real' Marshmallows
(My stash of those are courtesy of a darling air hostie mate!)

I quickly scoured my bookmarks and came back to Erins post here.
And If you think your thighs can take it...
Go on...
Get ya some of that!

And in other news...

I finally finished my Boys pacifier clips!

Nothing like a good sugar kick to get ya moving!

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