Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Okay...go on call me a slacker...

I Dare ya!

No no wait, I double Dare ya!

After a much needed 3 week family holiday
we decided to have the whole famn damily
back to ours in Mallorca.

That's Mum, Dad, Sister from Canada,
Fhubbies Sister and Brother in Law from Australia,
2 close friends from Vancouver
and another friend of my fathers from Canada.

Let's just say from August to October
we should have just put in a revolving door,
along with the tent in the side yard.
Can't complain though, Happy Days.

And now of course it's getting into the holiday swing of things,
Lot's new in the shop for your gift giving needs.

But enough about the kids for the moment...
I've just opened a new Shop on Etsy
just for the grown ups amongst us.

Check us out and don't be shy...
Tell your friends!

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