Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pick Me Pick Me...Oh OH oH..pick Me!!!

Ohhhhhhhh Great giveaways!

I mentioned my fabric addiction right?! Well fhubby is probably going to hit the roof if I buy any more at the moment so ya gotta love it when someone is offering it to you!

Mary-Jane of Sweet Emmelie, a blog I've been following for some time, is kind enough to offer these 2 gorgeous fabrics up for giveaway. So drop in, snuggle up for a lovely read, and drop a comment on her post for your chance to win too.

And if you're keen on giveaways...sign up as a follower to choochmagooz or leave me a comment and as soon as I see that there are actually people out there to throw a few things at...I'll be posting a giveaway of my own. (Besides the Gift Certificate I offered on Sat..I'll post that winner soon!)

Good Luck!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Together, We will beat Breast Cancer

So What are you doing tomorrow???

Come and get yourself pampered for a great cause, and find some lovely Choochmagooz goodies there too.

Sara's mother and I were coincidentally in the chop shop on the same day this year so it has touched her life quite profoundly. I am so glad that in the midst of all of this there is someone who can take up the cause and do something positive. Thank you also to Susie and Katie, and our own dear Cynthia who are working hard to bring you a wonderful day to help us fight together.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Woodchuck Wednesday: Oh Sew Nice!

I've had my eye on these for a Woodchuck Wed. Feature for months, and I had to come back around and finally share.

As I'm coming closer to the end of my treatment days I'm beginning to think about the business again and getting some bounce back into my bungee. So I suspect my New Year is going to consist of alot of time spent behind my sewing machine. Now of course Jax doesn't mind this so much but she sure can destroy a place whilst mummy is distracted. Last session she managed to pull an entire pillow apart and had made 'Popcorn' out of the batting...apparently she thought a bowl wasn't necessary.

So I'm thinking that perhaps having her start 'sewing' alongside me would be a better option. And again....sorry my blood must be low on Maple Syrup...These are handmade by a Canadian Woodcrafter on Vancouver Island, who's Bio describes himself simply as Free and Happy. My kinda Artist!

You can find these little beauties here: WoodClinic

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Build me a castle, I'll make you the King!

Okay I´m not just shouting about these because they´re Canadian Designed, which knocks them up a notch due to homeland pride, but they're also truly cool which earns them a spot for Too Cool Tuesday.

The website features many blueprints for different designs as well as new interior spotlights for some way cool possibilities. And if you've come up with your own Crazy Fort design you can share it on their Facebook page to help inspire other little engineers.

Now I know most of us have memories of using our dining room table, 4 chairs and perhaps the ironing board to make our cubbies... but who wants to dismantle their Camelot for dinnertime?!

bonus feature: They're available in Spain!!!...just follow the links on their website. CrazyForts.com

Too Cool!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Surfin Saturday - part duex

What to do when you're stuck inside with a nasty cold and the Fhubby is at the Zoo with a pint size monkey. Web Surfin!!! My favorite sport...no bumps, bruises or raggedy ol' bone crunching to fear.

I found these at a strange little blog called house of Onika which is an Interior design blog that strangely had no reference on how to contact them or where to buy this stuff?! Perhaps I had my helmet on too low...cause I saw nada! They had some cool stuff though so look em up if you'd like and let me know if you see anything.

Anywho...what of it...you know me, It's not liked I'd actually BUY it. No way, better to go over the top and make it myself. Of course seeing is believing right, and I still haven't shown you her finished kitchen. (Hey tranquila, tranquila...I only just figured out my new camera and the fact that the poor autofocus was in fact poor-manual-mama-function..uhhh duh..thx for wiping the lens Fhub!)

So anyway...I reckon these are going to have to wait some time until we eventually move into the palace...aka..barn...big enough to house all my grand ideas. But I thought I'd share them with you anyways cause I Love, Love, Love em!

Happy Saturday!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween from under the Sea!

So we have a serious water baby in our house. If it was up to her, Jax would spend her life in the water. So it wasn't a surprise when asked what kind of costume she wanted mummy to make her, a mermaid was the first thing she thought of.

And remember that craziness I was talking about...Well I reckon I need to be taken out back and locked in the shed cause I really hit the overboard button on this one!

First Jax and I picked out some scallop shells we had in our collection and after mummy drilled the holes we went to work painting them and gluing on the baubles and beads. Of course I meant to make both of them for her "Boobie Bar'ras" but only one would fit so we had some serious fast talkin to do...and decided to add the other to a matching treaty bag. (Mention treaties and she'll forgive you for anything!)

Then I began the scales,

and more scales,

and more scales.....

and did I mention the scales!

OMG, here's where I really started to question my sanity.
And of course began thinking of every bribery tactic in the repertoire just in case she decided to pull one of those typical 3 yr old moments and refuse to wear it.

Fortunately....She loved it and was very happy showing off her tail.

And fortunately again...here in Spain we have Carnival coming up, so all that work wasn't for one night only...
I mean really...
That would be CRAZY!
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