Friday, October 30, 2009

Not quite the stuff we kids grew up on!!!

Whoaaaaa Mildred...that's one heck of a cocktail!

So I'm having a wild flashback... one of those I can't believe I had the figure to wear THAT, and hey check out the Ta-Ta´s...holy perky...Well hello goodlookin, Sure I'd love a cocktail, Killer Koolaid please, Sweet!..23 yr old kinda flashback.

Unfortunately..This flashback has come with it's own hangover!

Oh wait I'm not dreaming, I'm stuck smack in the middle of treatment land, 3 down and 3 to go.. not quite la la land but darn near close to it.

So here's the low down...Chemo makes you crazy..seriously, if the steroids don't get ya, then the memory loss is sure to finish the job. I'd live in a post-it note wallpaper hell but I can't remember where I put the post it forget it.

So far the side effects are manageable, not pleasant certainly, but manageable.

See that nice ol' needle there...notice the water bottle and computer charger in the background...That Ain't no small thing that!!! But hello anti nausea go on and be as big as you want!!!

And then there is that Killer Koolaid toxic drip, really...not as bad as it sounds considering the job it's doing...but the 4 day hangover....well if I can flashback to the hangover that a few rounds of the original cocktail would induce back in my twenties, I'd have to say it's probably more on par if I'd had more than a few rounds... staggered out of the pub....walked full tilt into the nearest lightpost... bounced back...staggered off the sidewalk... and done a barrel roll off the hood of a VW. Not that I've ever had a personal experience of that magnitude...but man can I imagine it now!

And the number one side effect...of course...I've gone to the Bald side!

Seriously's pretty cool over get to be as crazy as you want AND...they've got cookies (shhhh...that's a secret!...thx JammiPammi)

Stay tuned for some crazy tales from the bald's been one hell of a ride!
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