Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sneak Peek Number 3!

One fine sunny day in Palma, Mz Babz ran into her good friend Mildred...

"Hey Mildred, what's with the cheesy grin?!"

"Oh haven't you heard... Choochmagooz is having a Spring Fling Sale this weekend..."

"What's Choochmagooz?"

"Well...gossip about town is it's this crazy lady who works until the wee hours of the night to bring us all sorts of handmade goodies!"

" that crazy Hopper over on mud lane who's up all night painting eggs?!"

"Uhhhh....ya no...but close!...she's definitely as cracked as an egg!"

"So anyways...I'm super excited to pick up a fabulous new bunting to decorate the know we're expanding?!, reckon I'll have to get one for the girls side and one for the boys!

"And then next weekend we're taking the kids to Boogie Babies
so I thought I'd get a few dancing ribbon wands!"

"Oooooh it sounds ever so exciting! So what are you gonna wear?!"

You do know you're a bunny right?!"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reckon I sat on a horseshoe!

So Sneak Peek is a bit different today...

Yes yes...we all know it's St. Paddy's day
but that's not why It's a happy day in our house.

Today is officially Fhubby Day
5 yrs ago the Man became the Fhubby...

You could say he popped the question, but in his quirky gotta love'm way it came out a bit more like....
Can I keep ya?! ........
Ya go on, all right then!

Now according to the Fhub, the fact that it was St. Paddy's day was entirely unintentional. However, as the years have progressed, the list of blessings have grown, amidst changes, the upheavals, and the really crappy cancer days.

So I would say that there was nothing unintentional about it...
For the Luck of the Irish was certainly smiling upon us that day.

He's as rare as a four leaf clover and most definitely a Keeper!
So today you get a sneak peak at the Fhub...
Thought maybe it was about time I introduced him here!

So without further ado...Here finally is my Future Hubby
(photo taken via Skype...which is how we'll have to celebrate this year...
but's pretty Lucky someone invented that huh!?!!!)

He he ...Smile Buddy, you're on Candid Camera!

Sneaky Sneaky!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I know where the Wild things are...

So I'm trying to refrain from breaking into a retro moment of Footloose theme songs as I bring you todays Sneak Peek.
But really...It's about time we hear it for the boyz....

So here's sneak peek number 2
a small collection for the wild ones...

Wilber whale cuddly (and rattle!)

Wilber has been a part of our family for years...starting out as the cutest little song the Fhubby made up for bath time (I'm still debating sharing that one....) And he always watches over daddy when he's out at sea. Now we bring you your very own Wilber (with or without theme song?...hmmmm)

Short sleeve Appliqued Baby Onsies,
perfect for the spring weather!

Ahoy Mateys....He be stylish, he be!
Long sleeve T's for the pirate in yer midst.

And new crowns fit for a King...
or some Wild Things?!!!

But wait....That's not all...
More sneak peeks to come...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sneaky Peek Sneaky Peek

Well the projects are flying out of the Craft room!!!
Yay....Almost done! And just 6 days to our Spring Fling Sale and Re-Launch!
As promised here's sneak peek number 1...

Todays theme... Hair
(which I now have 1cm of!!! hehehe)

Spring pinwheel Hairbands

Interchangeable Hair Clip...
Yes, we change our mind a lot...It's a girl thing!

Clay clips and matching pendants
hand rolled, hand pressed, hand painted.

And let's not forget keeping it all organized!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks...tomorrow is for the Boyz!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Back to the Grind....

Okay...Have I sufficiently procrastinated?? Is there an award in Blogger land for NOT putting together a 365 project after watching Julie y Julia?! I'd have to win it...come on I deserve the cupcake!
Our month of catch up and clean up and a nice little holiday to Morrocco has flown by far too fast.
Unfortunately we only managed to retain the Fhubby for 3 wks as he had to jet off to San Diego in order to bring a boat back this way...Argggggg another 10 wks apart...Now accepting applications for resident garden/house boy!
But gotta love my Fhub...he did manage to make me a table before he ran off!

Is this thing huge or what?! It's awesome...I needed something that could fit over the spare bed as we're a little cramped for space and storage. (Hehe...short term guests must crawl in...long term are worthy of the removal of my junk and table!!!) But at least now the Fhub has successfully moved me back into the craft room and out of the dining/living room and kitchen! Well....almost! (I have to also admit that this photo is shamefully deceptive...As in it looks like I barely need any organizing...Bwaaaahaaaahaaaaa...the pile up in the hallway would disagree and now that everything is actually IN the room...well...let's just say I'm still debating on posting THOSE photo's!!!)

However...I'm halfway to organized! Now I just need to finish a heap of WIP's and get through a little re-Launch party and sale I'm hosting next weekend...and THEN...THEN...I can clean out the craft room proper! REALLY!

So to kick off the WIP get organized extravaganza...Here finally are some photo's of Jax play kitchen. I did actually complete it last summer but was waiting on some baskets to fill the spaces and then had to wait for some actual sunshine...It's been one of those winters!
Thanks again to the Fhubby who put all the hardware together.

Will be uber busy this week with the final prep for the sale but will try to check in with a sneak peak for you! Until then...Here's wishing the Spring upon us all!
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