Thursday, September 23, 2010


Did you just hear my machines sighing?!
I think they have just earned themselves a much deserved rest.

So yesterday I had nothin for ya..
And today I've got too many photo's to fit in my wee blog!
(Apologies if your browsers are chugging and spitting at you!)

So first up is the Apron shirt from Carefree Clothes for girls

I made this more as a dressy apron/tunic in a softer fabric than recommended.
Also using ties in the back rather than a button...
those I reserved for the pocket details.

And because I just adore the Carefree clothes pants pattern..
And I was feeling scrap happy and ....Carefree...
I made a pair of Box Car Ruffle Bottoms

I know most people run away to the circus...
well I imagined a spunky clown jumping the first train outta there!
(Okay...Too much sewing this week,
Think I've been sniffin machine oil!)

So finally, It's time to reveal my crazy Saturday Obsession Project.
It's the Ultimate Saturday Swirl Skirt
(or Monday, Tuesday, Wed...... Cause it's just that fun!)

The Pattern is the Insa Skirt in 'Sewing Clothes Kids Love'
It's such a fantastic pattern I can see many more in our future!

With unlimited fabric choices and embellishing possibilities,
this really is a fun skirt to make!

I used my favorites from French General for the overskirt
and the Khaki is recycled from an old cotton overcoat of mine.

Excuse me if I now go crash with my machines...
It's been a fantastic week
* and a big shout out
and Thank You to Meg at Elsie Marley
for hosting a great challenge and party!

*okay...I know 5 days isn't a week...but I'm done folks!
If you're still working away..

Happy Sewing!

Ps. Because I've fallen completely in love with this book
I'll be joining The sew along hosted by Melissa over at Elemental Stitches.
Thank you Tanya for bringing it to my attention and inviting me along!
I can't wait to see what we all come up with next!

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KCWC - Day 4, A Whole lotta nothin!

So today I've got nothin for ya...
I'm out of trims, lace and elastic...
And Energy!

I have 2 items on the table half finished
and a machine in need of a full break!

So today I'll just leave you with
Sneak Peek #4
Last one!

Happy Sewing
I'm off to restock!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

KCWC - Day 3, Shir Love it!

I have always shied away from Shirring!
I'm not sure why?...

I think it was a combination of fiddly wrapping the bobbin by hand, stories of threads caught in the machine and frustrating cries from others. Well thank goodness for those who share their tips and tricks online!
I armed myself with a fantastic tutorial from my favorite Fabric designer, Sandi Henderson. (just scroll down her sidebar and look for the Shir Madness tutorial) I also adjusted my bobbin tension as per numerous tips via google.
And put the peddle to the floor!
I can see a few more of these making their way into the closet...

Nothing to Fear!

So I'll leave you with today's Sneaky Peek
whilst I go find some T-Shirts to up-cycle for my next project.

Happy Sewing

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

KCWC - Day 2, Kangaroo Kapers!

So we took Jax to Australia to visit the other halves...
emmmm errrr..
2 Yrs Ago!

That means...
A) the cutey patootie dress we bought for her there
was starting to look a we bit 60's mini'ish
and B) The cutey patootie fabric I bought in Aus was due to be Used!

So todays efforts was all about the knock off...
ya whatever..
it's a pretty standard jumper A-line
I'm pretty sure they don't hold a patent on that..
So I have no guilt in making a copy
And since I've changed the fabric, embellishments and trim..
It's not really a knock-off anymore, is it?!


I thought I'd give a go at making a pattern from an existing dress
and I'd say it turned out Delish!!!!
I even remembered to add seam allowances!!!

Obviously this dress took more than an hour...
I'm not That good!
In fact I think it took me that long just to clear my table and wrestle with the tissue paper. (Man that stuff is fiddly!) So lessons for the day included, tracing out a pattern from an existing dress and learning how to use the button feature on my sewing machine! Ohhhhh my new best friend!...How great is that little time saver!
I also came up with a great tip for turning out those fiddly straps around the waist! you know the ones...they're really long and your trying to line up the seam and press it straight...Argggg! Well fortunately I always have random bits of cardboard around. So I took a big piece of thin cardboard and cut it to the width of the band...slipped it inside, adjusted the seam to the edge, then just ironed with the cardboard in place. I know that's probably not an original idea...but don't know how many I've done the hard way!

Ohhhhh Yaaaaaa...
Sneaky Peak #2

Happy Sewing!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 1 - Cheating already!

Okay...I'm rubbish..
I cheated...
I couldn't wait for the Clothes week Challenge to begin,
I had ants in my pants and an itch to stitch!
So what was supposed to be my week long project...
Became my Saturday obsession instead.

And 7 hours later
I finished the most adorable project yet!
(Ifn' I do say so meself!)

However, in the spirit of sewing 1 hr a day...
I'm going to reveal only sneak peeks of it throughout the week!

sneaky peeky 1

I'll consider it a warm up project
and carry on with regular programming...

So for the week I'm armed with several great tutorials
and 2 of my favorite books...

I warned you about my fear of patterns right?!...
Well may I pass along a handy word of warning
from one of my stellar stupid moments!

READ the instructions

Yes... before running with scissors...
and hopped up on fight the fear adrenalin
It's best to know if those patterns actually include seam allowances
As is the case with both these books.

So adding an extra hour to my completion time,
and rendering some precious fabric useless...
Take it from me...
Read the Manual Mabel!!!

Public service announcement complete...let's get sewing!

Today's efforts:

Those dreaded pants!!!

I used an easy peasy pattern from the Carefree Clothes book.
but of course, I never make things easy...
I first tea stained some lovely lace to use on the trim
which would have given them more length...
And then I realized there wasn't enough lace..

Oh well..Happy mistakes!
I love the red just as much.

So now she has a pair of cute Capri's instead!
And to quote my mum..
Pants are a doddle!
(who knew?!)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Das ist Wunderbar!

Like Beer?
Don't mind Crowds? (as in Millions!)

Then Munich is definitely the place to be this next few weeks!

Unfortunately I'm not a fan of either,
But this is one party I would brave just for the gingerbread cookies!

I might even be tempted to pull out an old frock and do a twirl or 20!

Circa 1990!

Happy 200th Oktoberfest Munich!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stop the Insanity

Okay....I'm not sure if I'm nuts or what?
Don't answer that...

I've made basic girls dresses, stuffy toys, bunting,
a crazy heirloom Christmas stocking...
and let's not forget that insanity inducing Mermaid Costume!

But for some reason, patterns in general scare the crap outta me!
I shy from Shirring, Zippers zap my energy just thinking of them,
and pants for some reason petrify me!

Weird I know, but it's time...
time to
STOP the Insanity!

With the Chooch having started school this week I find myself wondering what the heck to do with myself. the house should be top of the list (boring). Organizing my Craft Room is a necessity (scary). And oh ya...a few rounds at the gym wouldn't go amiss (no comment)
But sod it all...

I'm deciding to challenge myself instead and take part in Elsie Marley's
Kids clothes week challenge.
A week dedicated to sewing nothing but clothes for the Chooch!
I will face my fears
and hopefully have something to show ya'll for it!

Fortunately I've got a week to psych myself up for it!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Home is where the heart is

So I'm not even going to pretend I'm a regular Blogger...
I'm erratic, spontaneous, scattered, and a serious procrastinator!
There I said it...
I admit it!
Isn't that half the battle!

In my dream world I'm gloriously organized,
In reality...My home is a mess!

I don't really give a toss if it's a heap at the moment
My Fhubby has returned and it finally feels right!

I'll get to the organizing later!

Welcome HOME Fhub!
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