Thursday, October 28, 2010

Squaaawk..Trick or Treat!

Introducing Polly...
The Amazing SQUAAAAWKING Parrot

After last years mermaid request,
I have to admit I was a little apprehensive to ask this year!
So of course, we just happened to be standing near a Parrot at the time!
Next year I'm going to have to time that question Very carefully!

Fortunately I learned my lesson..
Delegation is key!

It started with these gorgeous mermaid pants
that our dear friend Mz Luckey made for her daughter...

photo taken by Mz. Luckey

Jax was over the moon about them and HAD to have a pair!

Ummmm sorry Kid...this Mamma don't knit!
"That's okay...Nana Knits!"
Well aren't you clever... phone her! hehe

So armed with encouragement and tips from Mz. Luckey
A free pattern from for Emma's unmentionables...
and a wee voice in her mind...
"Knit, Nana Knit!"

Nana did indeed knit up a storm
and posted them across the pond in record time!
"Thanks Nana...You're the Bestest Ever!"
Seriously...she doesn't want to take them off..
They swish!

Next came the headgear...
whilst cruising my usual crafty links
I checked in on my favorite swapping site, We-Swap
And what did I find!!!... this perfect mask from Artisan Maskers!
Oh yes please..pick me pick me!
And she did!

I had first thought we would go as parrots together
and keep the mask for myself,
However, when it arrived in all it's glory
I was well impressed by how sturdy and well made it was.
It will definitely stand up to my little squawker.
And let's face it...My butt won't look as good in knit pants!

Mission Delegation

All that was left for me to do was make feathers...
Lot's and lot's of feathers!

Happy Halloween Everyone
Have a Safe and Fun Weekend!

Don't forget your free gift with any purchase in My New Etsy Store
I may be extending the time on this as we are about to hit
100 Posts!
talk about a lot of squawking!
And with any luck
100 Followers at the same time!
Stay tuned for a special celebration giveaway.

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at the following Linky Parties:

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Etsy Front Page - WHooooHoooo

only a week after opening and I was featured in my first treasury!
And we made it to the ETSY Front page!

Unfortunately I had my head down sewing the Choochs Halloween costume and missed the actual action. But huge thank you to Small Earth Vintage for featuring me in her very interesting Treasury.

See see...that's me in the corner...That's me in the spotlight...
that's me...nevermind!

So I got such a kick out of it,
and because I needed yet another reason for an
inspiring creative procrastination break...
I created my very own treasury
All sorts of yummy goodness and beautiful things
Handmade by Artisans all over the Globe.

Just click on the photo's to take you to the individual treasuries.
And drop a comment if you dig it!

And of course Shop Shop Shop If you Really Dig it!

And don't forget we're offering a Free gift
with any purchase from Choochmagooz until Oct 31st!

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Did you Hear the News!?!

Creative Procrastination is My forté

That doesn't mean that I am not being productive.
I just wish I could slow down and show my couch some lovin!

But we've got Big News Here Folks..
Big News!

I've been behind my camera and in front of my screen for days
Learning about and setting up shop!!!
Finally I'm out of the dark ages and getting e-commerce savvy!

That's right my lovelies...
I've finally got an ETSY site!
Whoooop Whooooop...

To celebrate
I'm offering this gift with every purchase until Oct. 31st

1 magnetic bookmark
style will vary
Use as a bookmark or fridge magnet
strong rare earth magnet holds up to 10 pgs

please mention this offer in the "notes to seller"

Check us out Here!!!
I'll change my sidebar link as soon as I figure it out!

I promise to get more items listed as soon as the sun and time allow.
Until then please feel free to leave me a message
if there is anything in my flickr gallery
you would like me to set up as a listing

sniff sniff...No couch for the weary!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dotee, do dee do..I'm so Procrastinating!

Now that my craft room is organized...
My head is totally Scattered!

I nearly missed a swap deadline I had signed up for last month!
And can you believe I even had a post it note about it!

I promise I'll get there yet!

So because I felt like doing something fiddly and fun..
I signed up for a Winter themed Dotee swap.

If you're anything like the Fhub you've just gone...
Huh??? is that!!!
Dotee Dolls are an altered art doll (between 3" - 5"), created by Dot of
dots life and art.
A great way to use up your scraps as all you need is
imagination and left over fabric, yarn and beads.

So here is my Ice Princess,

Ready to be bundled up and shipped to one patient swap partner!
(to be fair the deadline isn't actually until Wed)

Now back to my coat...
nothing like a creative procrastination break!

Gettin' my linky party on here:
Sew Cute Tuesday
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Bad A$$ Mama!

I'm such a rebel...YAAAAaaaaa!
well as much of one as a stay-at-home mom can be!

Yes I made the cut!...and then some more cuts...
and then some ripping, and pining, and sewing..
and a few more seam ripping...

And somewhere along the line...
a wee Jacket emerged.

It's still a work in progress
but I didn't want to leave you hanging there too much longer.

So first act of rebellion:
cutting down a beautiful 100% Cashmere overcoat

I'm participating in the Carefree Clothes for girls sew along
over at Elemental Stitches.
and am supposed to be making this....

photo taken by Elemental Stitches

Whilst I think this jacket is really cute..
it's just not what I wanted for Jax.
So I used elements of both jackets in the book and went my own way.
Something romantical and dressy.

I'm sure my mother has a stack of school notes filed away...

"Lacks focus and does not follow directions"

Thursday, October 7, 2010

To Cut..or Not to Cut?..that is the question!

I find myself stuck with an up-cycling dilemma

Recently we acquired a lovely Men's 100% Cashmere Overcoat.

It's luxurious, it's designer fabric..if you go for those sorts of things...
And it fit's Fhubby quite well.

- I've searched all over the web for average resale value and
it just doesn't look like it's worth the effort...

- Fhubby already has a nice dress overcoat which he hasn't in fact worn in the 6 yrs we've been together. I'm pretty sure I glimpsed him in a suit and tie once but can't be certain I wasn't just seeing things?! And as far as winter wear...the man still cycles to work in shorts in the dead of winter (that Aussie sun must soak deep into their bones...cause the Canadian in the room has the heat cranked and is wrapped in 20 layers of flannel!)

-I REALLY REALLY REALLY love the coat for it's fabric potential...vs style!

-I Really Really want to remake it into a cute Fall/Winter overcoat for the chooch!

With all that in mind..I'm also a wee bit terrified of the screw up factor on the coat for her..

So Please Please Please help me out here...

Do I cut or Not?!?!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Poltergeists Be Gone!

Pixie Dust couldn't cut it...
I had to bring in the Big Guns!

Well Okay...
It's not Spotless...

But at least we can hang up the Hazmat suit!

Thx to Fhubby, we dismantled the bed underneath
and took a foot off the table...
just a little easier to walk in the room now!

I knew something was missing!
They had crept out to the Dining room when Fhubby wasn't looking!



Now you know why unofficially
Choochmagooz has been on a summer break!
It was really difficult to work amongst all that!

Thx Fhub for helping me with the Big scary stuff!
And My dear friend Claire...
Thank you thank you thank you..
for helping me find a home for everything!

Obviously, this wasn't an overnight job...
But fortunately it didn't take weeks either!

If you've got a poltergeist run room,
Have hope..there is light through the window!

Now back to work!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hard Hats Required!

First, I begin with a warning message...

Enter this post at your own risk!

I can't say I'll be able to find you in here?!
If you could enter with some highly reflective clothing,
A hard hat...and perhaps a bell or two,
you might just make it!

Welcome to my Craft disaster...err... Room!

Note the fhubby Cubby in the corner
...hey I gave up some prime real estate there!

Note the spillage into the hallway!
Eeeeek it's alive!

Waldo didn't wear the reflective jacket..
Don't say I didn't warn you!

I know I should be embarrassed right!?
I'm not..
entirely that is...

This is what happens when Cancer decides to wallop you,
and you're running after a 3 yr old as a solo parent for half a year!

So it's a mess...
I'd say we won and it took the hit.
Fair on!

Please tell me I'm not the only one in need of a craftroom overhaul!
I keep seeing these gorgeous organized studios all over the web..
Makes me feel dirty just browsing them...
Is it cheating if you're just looking?!

Fortunately I've got some pixie dust around here

Stay tuned tomorrow to see if it works!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Special Welcome

It hasn't all been about fabric around here lately...

I've been on a mission to sort out my Craft Room.
A job that has taken me the better part of 6 months...
But more on that tomorrow.

In the meantime I've been finding lot's of cool supplies
that haven't seen the light of day for ages...
Like my paper collection and clay molds.

So I came up with this sweet newborn memory frame
using a combination of decorative & hand cast paper.

I love making paper pulp...
My blender ...disagrees!

Oh well
In this weeks battle of Man Vs. Machine
I think I'm ahead!

I've listed these in the flickr gallery so if you're local
and want something personal as a gift or for your own wee one,
please feel free to contact me.

Sharing in these fun linky parties:
The Girl Creative
Making the World Cuter
Skip To My Lou

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Kingdom for a snooze!

I had hoped to give my poor overworked machines a nice vacation,
Maybe send them to the Spa for a scrub, buff and steam...

No such luck,
I had to drag them kicking and screaming
back into action after only 4 days...
Don't we all feel like that after a weekend?!

We've had a birthday to attend every Saturday for the past month
and sadly my gift cupboard was looking bare.

But have no fear, a Super Cape is always near...

If you recall I made several for a joint birthday
and of course had to make another for Jax

Flower Power

And yet another for a custom giveaway.

The Jolly Roger

So with a bare cupboard and a sweet 5yr old boy to surprise
What better excuse to pull together...

The Retro Rockets
Happy Birthday Buddy,
Hope you've had a special day
and blast off to grand Adventures.

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