Monday, May 31, 2010

Doing Sweet Tweet Nothin!


A Good day to procrastinate!

I'm supposed to be working on pacifier clips for Boys.
I'm stumped! I'm un-inspired!
And therefore procrastinating!

Girlie stuff really are more my thing!

So here's what I'm playing with whilst I wait for inspiration to hit!

I came across this blog post at Spools Sewing awhile back
and have had it in my give-it-a-go basket.
You can download the free pattern from their sidebar.
I shabby chic'd the tail instead of making it a clean line
and am rather happy with it.

But enough of that!
Think Boys, Think Boys, Think Boys...
Really I'd rather be sitting on a twig singing!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Arrrrrrr, shiver me timbers

With just a final few touches our Giveaway winners cape
is headed for the post!
Capes are now listed in The Flickr gallery!

Wait till you see our Rocketman!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Woodchuck Wednesday - Jaxville

Wow did I find you a super cool Woodchuck this week...

It's My Dad!!!
(with a little help from me!)

As I've been featuring all these other cool woodchucks around the globe I thought I had better at least throw in a shameless promotion of our own work!
Uhhhhh... ya know!

This weeks all about my dad actually
but I'll go into that in another post!

So what does a man tied to a desk do with his spare time?
Whittle wood of course...but not just whittle some wood,
How about taking over the garage all our lives and then when he finally builds his own house...builds an attached shop/garage as big as the house!
This man has every tool known and then some...and the clamps?!
Good lord we have been buying him clamps for every occasion since I was 5!

I grew up in that garage! And it wasn't just because that's where we kept the soda!
I remember making my first doll house with dads help from scraps in the bin, and pilfered fabric from mum for the carpets and walls. I remember him teaching me how to use the lathe (to my mothers horror) and making the UGLIEST candle stick ever! and I have to tell you...I really was the only girl in shop class!

So really it is no surprise that I love the tool section of our local hardware store (much to the fhubbies glee!) It's not everyday it's the wife asking for a dremel and work bench for her birthday, belt sander and bandsaw for christmas, and well, the scroll saw just because! He's a lucky man and he knows it! I even share! And well actually..I'm still waiting on the belt sander and bandsaw.

So before I got all obsessed with building my own woodshop, we spent the summer of Jax 2nd birthday back home in Canada. Dad and I went to work drawing templates, cutting, sanding, sanding some more....oh and a little more for the heck of it! (I really hate corners!) and then paint staining and beeswaxing. Whew..It was a mission but the end result was heavenly.

Jax has her very own village built lovingly by her Opa and Mama.

And you my friends...will have the opportunity for your own set too....
as soon as that belt sander magically appears
(I am not doing that by hand!)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Super Sneaky Bonus winner!

Well my friends...It doesn't get any more random than this!

First I wrote out all of your names including those who had trouble leaving a comment and sent me a message saying they wanted in on the action. I then tossed you into a bowl, and because my little assistant fell asleep on the couch...I then assigned you each a number as I pulled you out of the bowl.

I then relied on to pick the winner as my assistant was now well and truly snoring and of no use whatsoever!

So my good-lookin followers, New and Old, I thank you for all of your kind comments and for a week of great fun! Stay tuned as you'll never know what kind of craziness we'll get up to here!

And Happy Monday Vic,
you have a stuffie awaiting a new home!!!

Did Picasso work to a deadline?!

Looking for My sneaky followers bonus giveaway
Click here

What a weekend...
Generally I don't work to any deadlines, My memory was Chemoblasted!
So thank goodness for friendly email reminders that tell me to get my butt in gear and finish up projects I've committed to!

I joined a swap program recently as Jax really loves mail!
She gets a little put out when all the packages that arrive are full of fabric and supply goodies intended only for mama! So now she is receiving postcards, and stickers and all sorts of fun things from around the world. Of course that means Mama has to comply with the swap rules and get things in the mail on deadline.

Having been busy all week with the May Giveaway I was gently reminded that I had joined up for a butterfly ATC (artist trading card) swap. Eeeeeek! Whip up some art?! I literally haven't pulled out the paints and used the ol' artistic noggin in months! So I decided to do a bit of mixed media to keep it simple. Jax and I had fun making some shrink art butterflies and using some fun salt on wet watercolour techniques. Not sure what thrilled her more, sprinkling salt or getting to play with Mama's Good Art supplies!!!? Though admittedly not my most artistic endeavor to date, however we had fun making them and hope our recipients enjoy them as much.

Now off to stalk the postie!

Friday, May 21, 2010

And the winner is...

Okay, first on the docket:

Fhubby FINALLY crossed the Panama Canal!
WhoooooHoooo...he's on the right side of the Pond!!!
5 weeks and counting my friends!

And now what you're really here for:

Wow...Just Wow!
I have to say that was a whole lot of Love I received this week!
And some serious giggles, some of you have some classic pet peeves!
I was hoping to respond to each of you individually, however I am simply overwhelmed by the response! So please accept this as a great big super shout out and Thank you to all of you for taking the time to enter, for your blush worthy praise of my work, and for those of you who really uhhhh...ya know..."Liked" me!

Now shall I just cut right to it....

Congratulations Free Indeed!
Shelley please look for my email,
I'm really excited to work on a cape for your grandsons!!!

For those of you who aren't grabbing the goods...
Perhaps you noticed the sneaky bonus prize for my followers!
If not... jump here, you'll have until Monday to enter!

Stay tuned for a custom cape to appear in the shop
and as a thank you...
I'll be offering free shipping (on cape's only)
to all who participated in our SMS giveaway

Oh and about regular programming...
I know it's Food Fight Friday,
But after commenting and reading and typing...
I couldn't sling a frozen Pizza at you, My arms are numb!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Reveal...

Okay, I couldn't leave you hanging for days wondering just what you could win!
So I whipped up another for my munchkin and Voila!
Another sneaky peak just for you!

According to Jax, this one is just for her...
"see mum... it has my Letter on it, you can't give this one away!"
So go get yer own is what she's really saying!

If you haven't already entered to win a custom cape of your very own
(ok...for your special wee folk)...
Then head on to this post to try your luck!

But whoa nelly...not so fast...
I've got a sneaky sneaky extra in the works...
This one is For my followers, new and old,
Just a little way to say thank you and welcome!

One of you goodlookin readers will be chosen Monday to win a puffy and stuffy of your choice from my flickr gallery. Like Whilber? could win your own! Happy to win a Hopper?...or how about that boat in a bottle?!

All you need to do to be eligible to win the sneaky bonus is of course be or become a follower, and leave a quick hello comment here so I know you're paying attention.
And if you're really keen and have a blog yourself, I'll throw you 2 extra chances if you feel like sharing this post with your own lovely readers. (just remember to leave me a comment telling me so...lot going on around here just now!) back to regular programming
Go win yourself a super cape if you haven't already done so!

Our giveaway for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway day will end at
12 noon (EST) on Thur. May 20th
The Sneaky Follower Bonus giveaway will end at
12 noon (EST) on Mon. May 24th

Code name: Action Jax,
telling all her friends about the great giveaway on her spyphone

Sorry Comments now closed
Stand-by for a good-lookin winner!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Yay...It's Giveaway Day!

Edit: Thank you for dropping in...Sorry, comments now closed!
Will announce the winner tomorrow am,
Good Luck!


Huh??? Did I just say that?
Grateful it's a MONDAY?!

Ahhh... but not just any Monday,
Today is officially

(yes I was shouting that!)

Sew Mama Sew is graciously collecting and compiling and hosting all of the hundreds (250 so far!) of participants so that you, dear reader can go off blissfully guided into blogger land, and hopefully, score some awesome handmade goodness!

Now before you stampede out of here in all your unbridled excitement....

Did you know that Choochmagooz is participating too?!
Did I already tell you that?!
I did?!

So quit stalling, shut up and show us the goods already huh?!
I mean really...teasing you all on a Monday...

Okay...So..I can't exactly show you a picture of our Giveaway except this teenie sneak peak. Not because I'm being secretive, but because one dumbnut mother keeps forgetting to photograph the items she makes for birthday gifts. So you'll have to trust me on this one. It's seriously Cute! (if I do say so myself)

One lucky reader, follower,...lovely person, will win a personalized children's cape. Good for all sorts of excellent adventuring! The cape will fit from age 2 - 6. And as I will be making this custom please specify if you would like the cape either for a boy or a girl?!

Now, How do you get you're hands on the goods?

1) Leave a comment below telling me your greatest pet peeve (it is Monday afterall)

For extra entries
(please leave a separate comment for each)

1-become a follower or subscriber of my humble Blog, Choochmagooz

2-Like us on FaceBook (that sounds so rubbish...I really did prefer it when you just became a fan)

3-Pop into the flickr gallery, have a snoop then return and let me know what item is your favorite

That's 4 chances to win my friends!
Buena Suerte!

Choochmagooz Giveaway is open until May 20th and Internationally!
and please please please remember to leave an email address
so I can contact you if you've won! (not spam you, got no time for that!)
And now click on the button above to enter into further Giveaway Bliss
Mondays aren't so bad after all?!??!?!?!
hmmm debatable!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Place your bets!...

Okay...So one of THOSE weeks, somehow turned into 2, and I have been neglecting you yet again!
It's not you really...No really...
It's me!

I've been buried under my craft room,
I've been digging holes in my garden,
I've been hanging out with good friends,
and trying to hide out all at the same time.
When oh When will the fhubby return?!
He reckons 6 weeks, I say 8 ??
I think we should start taking bets!

So although a wee bit of the moopie Blues set in, I've been madly trying to get this house organized... Thank goodness for friends who arrive to cook dinner and top my trees all on the same day! It's a great distraction.

So although I have no recipe for you today,
(as I'm not the one doing the cooking!)
I do have a heads up for you!

In December Sew Mama Sew hosted
the mother of all giveaways, and Weeeeee
It's Back!!!!..........
The May Spring Giveaway Day

So instead of trying your luck on Tuesday,
Be sure to drop back here on Monday
for a Choochmagooz giveaway
and a link to all the fun over at Sew Mama Sew!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Moody Monday..

Uggggg...Today I'm taking a break,
It's pouring rain, and I'm cleaning the house...

hop on over to The Girl Creative for inspiration today...

The Girl Creative

Cause I've got Nothin!
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