Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sneak Peek Number 3!

One fine sunny day in Palma, Mz Babz ran into her good friend Mildred...

"Hey Mildred, what's with the cheesy grin?!"

"Oh haven't you heard... Choochmagooz is having a Spring Fling Sale this weekend..."

"What's Choochmagooz?"

"Well...gossip about town is it's this crazy lady who works until the wee hours of the night to bring us all sorts of handmade goodies!"

" that crazy Hopper over on mud lane who's up all night painting eggs?!"

"Uhhhh....ya no...but close!...she's definitely as cracked as an egg!"

"So anyways...I'm super excited to pick up a fabulous new bunting to decorate the know we're expanding?!, reckon I'll have to get one for the girls side and one for the boys!

"And then next weekend we're taking the kids to Boogie Babies
so I thought I'd get a few dancing ribbon wands!"

"Oooooh it sounds ever so exciting! So what are you gonna wear?!"

You do know you're a bunny right?!"

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