Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Woodchuck Wednesday - Mi Casa y Su Casa

Okay...So I'm a bit of a purist
I believe in hard work and hand work
So I'm not sure if I can rightfully call this a Woodchuck feature?!
But dang it if I don't just LOVE IT!
So I'll throw my oak and Pine laden snobbery to the curb.
Really how amazing are the tools available to artisans today?!

Laser cut, beautifully designed, stylish and Delish!

Ohhhh How I want one!
Perhaps when the chooch is 'OLDER'
for now we have a small basic one that we will eventually paint and stylize
And this one will remain in my dream file!

I mean really...
Doesn't this look like FUN!

Want your own?!
Head on over to Victorian Dollhouse

1 comment:

La Maison Reid said...

Oh it really does look like fun. Just what I need, though...another project! My daughter gave me a cool 3D puzzle many years ago but I never finished putting it together. This one in wood is a dream. Let us know if you decide to make one!

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