Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Too Cool Tuesday!

Okay so all this sitting around recovering is making me bored, bored, bored!

So I thought I´d share with you one of the coolest things we´ve ever found on the web.
Mr. McGroovy´s Box Rivets

Everyone knows that the box is often times favoured over the toy it holds and kids will spend hours turning an ordinary box into the most amazing things. Add Mr. McGroovey´s box rivets and you´ve got some unbelievable possibilities! Check out their customers photo gallery for some incredible ideas.

Need to find boxes? Those of you local probably already know that around 8pm the Sindicat is packed with everyones boxes ready for pick up. Free and recyclable. Alternatively you can always check with your local appliance store as well as I´m sure they´ve got stacks in the back too!

I came across these way back before Jax was even sitting up for herself so of course they weren´t exactly age appropriate at the time. Poor Fhubby has been patiently waiting...and waiting...and waiting... and as she is fast approaching Big Girl status, I think it´s about time we get on to ordering a box or Ten!

Of course this really won´t help my boredom at the moment, but it´s nice to think that I´ll actually be functioning again soon and have some cool projects in the works.

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