Monday, June 15, 2009

When Life deals you lemons...

Jeeze...cliff hanger, sorry about that!
Kind of left you after scheduling appointments with my new Doctor and forgot to get back and update!
Well, my new doctor is Lovely. She looked over all of my records and tests, arranged to get a copy of my biopsy report, and within 3 days had me scheduled for a lumpectomy to suit my schedule (fhubby home, childcare...all that rabble) We chose to go for a full lumpectomy rather than another biopsy so that we would have 100% certainty when it came to the pathology report.

So here I am, out of surgery, home resting, fhubby cooking, cleaning and child minding, with nothing to do but reflect on this whole experience and wait for my final results.

So I have been thinking a lot about sisterhood.
I distinctly recall the strange sensation of having joined an exclusive and secret group when I was pregnant with Jax. Everywhere I went I received little smiles and nods and out of what seemed like nowhere came the mothers of the world. Wow who knew this existed?! It wasn´t until I had actually given birth that I felt fully initiated into this sisterhood of Mothers.

And now I find myself standing on the edge of the TaTa Sisterhood, Brave and courageous women touched by Breast Cancer, those battling fiercely and those surviving. And just as before I find myself in awe of the strength and power of this sisterhood. I do not want initiation into this group, no one does, but control is not ours. And I am grateful for these sisters for their guidance, their support and their words of knowledge and encouragement.

So today I am making that lemonade....Sour or sweet, you may add sugar as you like. And I raise my glass in honour of women everywhere, Sisters.

ps. Stay tuned for Thursdays results: When I´ll be adding either vodka...or champagne!

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