Monday, June 1, 2009

What Kind of Net would catch a fickle muse???

Yes I know I have been neglecting my poor infant blog, it´s been a bit hectic around here and I needed some much needed rest. I also needed to paint...I never know when or why that urge hits me but as my muse is fickle I tend to jump up and grab the paintbrush asap before she changes her mind. So I pulled out some wee chipboard letters that we bought for Jax on a trip to Australia and finally decided to do something with them. I think they turned out rather nicely (excuse the shameless patting of my own back!) and I can´t wait to hang them in her room. Of course I´m still waiting for my muse to get up enough gusto to attack her walls but so far she´s being really, Really lazy about that!

Another project I have been neglecting is Jax play kitchen. We decided against the plastic shop bought versions and started looking for really nice wood ones. Well, there´s certainly many to choose from these days but the prices are ridiculous, and I can´t stand ridiculous pricing! Especially on something that is still manufactured. So instead we bought some kids shelving units and after making templates for the doors and counters we passed it along to a local woodworking friend to help us out. (bottles of wine are soooo much better as payment in my book!) So whilst I had the paints out, let the projects commence! I suppose posting about it will be good incentive to get it finished and show you some final results, with luck...before her 3rd Birthday.

Right, now as we´re on the topic of neglect, I suppose I should also update you all on ¨Lemongate¨ After a week of waiting for my biopsy reports I finally broke down and called the doctor and demanded some answers... ¨Well, have you had your MRI yet, you need to have this as soon as possible as you have a malignancy and we need to get you into surgery¨ Nice....don´t try to cushion that news or anything... so I asked what exactly the Biopsy reported...what KIND of cancer where we dealing with???.¨Well I don´t know, I don´t have the results here so call me back in 1 hour and I´ll find out¨ HUH???
So after one of the longest hours of my life I called back only to find out that the results of the 7 samples he took were in fact NEGATIVE but still suspicious, huh?? Well that could be due to the fact that he used my 2007 Mammo´s to get the core samples and was probably just stabbing around at the original mass of nothing.
To top it all he insisted he did not have my new records and that he had given them back to me in the O.R. Well no dingbat...those would be the 2007 ones you gave me. Argggg
So to make a long story short, I proceeded to pick up my new records from His office, undergo the MRI at a New hospital, and find a New doctor whom I will be seeing this Wednesday to go over all results and hopefully...Hopefully...get some straight answers. I´ll keep ya posted!


shelley said...

why dont you check this out for the toy cousin's wife made this...

Mari said...

Absolutely Brilliant Shelley..Thank you so much for that. I Love people who share nicely! I am soooo going to have to steal some of your cousin-in-laws ideas (we have the same tea set so I´m sure she won´t mind!) And you know I love the Sandi Henderson!

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