Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween from under the Sea!

So we have a serious water baby in our house. If it was up to her, Jax would spend her life in the water. So it wasn't a surprise when asked what kind of costume she wanted mummy to make her, a mermaid was the first thing she thought of.

And remember that craziness I was talking about...Well I reckon I need to be taken out back and locked in the shed cause I really hit the overboard button on this one!

First Jax and I picked out some scallop shells we had in our collection and after mummy drilled the holes we went to work painting them and gluing on the baubles and beads. Of course I meant to make both of them for her "Boobie Bar'ras" but only one would fit so we had some serious fast talkin to do...and decided to add the other to a matching treaty bag. (Mention treaties and she'll forgive you for anything!)

Then I began the scales,

and more scales,

and more scales.....

and did I mention the scales!

OMG, here's where I really started to question my sanity.
And of course began thinking of every bribery tactic in the repertoire just in case she decided to pull one of those typical 3 yr old moments and refuse to wear it.

Fortunately....She loved it and was very happy showing off her tail.

And fortunately in Spain we have Carnival coming up, so all that work wasn't for one night only...
I mean really...
That would be CRAZY!


Polka Dot Daze said...

Oh wow - that is gorgeous! I love the shell on the front. My three year old is like that - you never know if on the day she is going to wear what you have been slaving over.

sweet emmelie said...

You are very talented indeed, the outfit is beautiful. I also love the top photo of your daughter swimming.

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