Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monkey on My Back!

So Hurricane Jax is out for the day and I had great plans to clean up the house prior to the Christmas madness.

Oh but wait...It's 2009!
How could I forget?!
This cheeky bloody monkey of a year causing chaos the world over.

In a final bid to be remembered well, it popped my house into darkness, my appliances into shutdown, and the oh so lovely sent of an electrical fire wafting through my first 5 minutes of peace!

Just in case I hadn't got the message, I was met at my back door by a billowing cloud of smoke and fumes where my washing machine lay sheepishly awaiting a good swift kick up the backside!

Well Plan B - madly race through the apartment tidying rather than cleaning in the hopes that the landlord (who just happened to be in the area and would be arriving in 15 minutes) wouldn't notice how disgraceful the place looked. Couldn't really blame the washing machine for everything!
Of course... a spanish 15 min. isn't exactly in keeping with swiss protocol so after waisting a good 45 min waiting, another 45 with the landlord and perhaps yet another just trying to find my to do list...I gave up. I'm much more productive with a needle and thread than a rag and mop anyways!

So here is the monkey off my back!

He's getting ready for the Toy Society's Big Global Christmas Drop this weekend.
If you haven't checked out their link from my side bar yet; I suggest you take a quick peak, it's a wonderful project.

Now if only I could drop 2009 as easily!!!


sweet emmelie said...

that monkey is so gorgeous!!!

Carol said...

You are a clever girl!!!

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