Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas arrives early!!!

So this one time in India.....

I met this crazy chick called "Choppy" who happened to have just spent the night camped out in some dodgy back alley. Apparently they where supposed to meet up with us but the group she was with came in late and didn't know how to find our group.

Anywhoooo...long story's one heck of a way to meet a new friend!

And years later it is that friend who reached out across hemispheres, through the country we first met in order to land this gorgeous little package on my doorstep in time for the holidays and to celebrate my renewed health for 2010!

She chose the green Tourmaline for healing and if I am not mistaken it is one of her designed pieces (Hey gotta website??) I know she was once making these amazing vegan leather bags and purses.

The card is also from an artist friend of hers in Melbourne and I have to agree with her, Love the work. You can find her art here. Clare Whitney.

So thank you My did indeed Pep me up!!!

And speaking of sleeping in alleyways...

Mervin monkey was 'dropped' today as part of the Toy Society's Global Christmas drop, and I am pleased to report he has been a very good monkey indeed. He was found by a homeless man, and the story is truly heartwarming. Journey well my little monkey! You can read his story here. "Mervin Monkey on walkabout"


kaslocarol said...

Beautiful story. Beautiful friends. You deserve them. Love and miss you. Mom

Anonymous said...

reading your stories makes me miss you all the more...your always in my heart..

your friend always,


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