Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sharing, Caring, and Tantrums OH MY!

Today is Chemo number 5!
I DO NOT want to get in that chair!!!
And yet...It's one more mile on the road to the finish line...
But this Mama just wants to kick up a huge fuss, chuck a wobbly, drop my bottom lip and hope someone much stronger then my steroid rage will be able to throw me over their shoulder and drop me into it for my own good!
But honestly, I feel great, (don't make me go!) I always feel great in the 3rd week after treatment.(oh I want to stay home!) I feel coherent (please) and focused (NO NO NO) and am crafting like a maniac ... seriously...grab some ear plugs cause I'm going in screaming!

So I didn't win the giveaway, darn it.
However I did happen to fall upon the motherload of all giveaways hosted by Sew Mama Sew!
So here I sit madly blog surfing and entering and posting comments and being inspired and wishing I had just a few more days of feeling great to get everything done, and wishing I had found the contest earlier to participate and share in the giving.

Well I didn't, so no giveaway from Choochmagooz this year. However, a lovely sense of calm came over me when I thought about entering the great giveaway next year.
Ahhhhh, Next year. How often I have uttered those words in the past 9 months as we've navigated this road through (H.E.double hockey sticks!)

Next Year I can travel again,
Next Year I'll relaunch the shop
Next year I'll have my memory back
Next Year I'll stop typing backwards
Next Year mummy can take you for a bike ride!

Next Year won't be taken for granted.

So although I have missed out in entering the great giveaway this year, I have decided in celebration of my FINAL Chemo treatment on Christmas Eve and the gift of a clean bill of health for the New Year, that I would start 2010 with a Giveaway of my own.

Check back the first week of January for your chance to win something special and to Celebrate with Me, Fhubby and Jax as we turn "Next Year"...into "Today!"

In the meantime if you're keen to win some fantastic goodies from all over the globe...head over to Sew,Mama,Sew and check out the Participants master list...make sure you're comfy, well fed and have gone to the loo, cause there's a whole lot to win!


sweet emmelie said...

oh sounds awful!! you poor thing but to pass a little cheer your way can you please email me your address so I can send you a surprise!

julie k said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway. I'll be checking back for your celebratory giveaway. Take care!

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