Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dumpster Diver and Proud!

Okay..I haven't gone so far as to actually dive into dumpsters,
Errr well..not since I was 9 anyways,
and collecting bottles and cans for a trip to Disneyland!

Recycled Magazine Wastebasket at Apartment Therapy

However, I hate to see good useful junk go to waste
or worse..the landfill!

Fhubby and I agree to disagree on the whole issue of recycling.
His take is that the whole concept, although beneficial in some ways, has just created more industry and therefore potentially more damage to the environment. In some instances I have to say I agree.

However I'm a believer...
in change...
in doing something different...
in making a difference
one hoarded box of loo rolls at a time!

So Hey-ho..I'm an Up-cycler, not a re-cycler!
Gotta love my Fhubby, he puts up with my collections! Just don't tell him about this post...Cause instead of the trash bin, he'll be hauling me off to the Loopy bin!

Why you wonder...

Because I'm just not getting a big enough kick out of my trash,
And I was really hoping to ask you all for yours too!

I know...how good does this sound!
"Please think of me when you're throwing out the trash!"
Actually in my perfect world you will have your lovely recycle bins all lined up, with a pink one thrown in that has my name on it! (that sounds a little better!) And in it, I would shower you with gratitude, to find the following items.


Corks, Cava wire cage, Wine bottles (I like empty-Fhubby likes full)
Broken costume jewellery
broken, non functioning watches (any kind)
egg cartons (if clean and no egg drippies)
KinderEgg capsules
small babyfood jars with lids
cereal boxes
old birthday and Christmas card covers
Expired Wallpaper/Fabric swatch books (I know, unlikely but ya gotta ask)
Cotton T-shirts (bar-B-Q stains okay!)
bubble wrap, styrofoam packing beans
crayon/colored pencil stubs
fishy cracker containers
dryer lint (though keep it in a safe place whilst collecting as it's highly flammable!)

If I can think of anything else I'll update the list...
however, If in doubt...Don't throw it out!

Really Fhub...I'm not loopy...
I'm trying to save the world...
and reduce my art supplies budget!

Thanks Lovelies, you'll be saving me from actually diving!!heehee

*My apologies dear readers, for this being more of a locally focused post,

however some of you crafty ones abroad might get inspired to reduce your craft supply budget too!


Cat said...

Setting up a pink up-uP-UP-cycling bin for you as I type this!

Celia said...

I totally LOVE your concept! It also hurts me throwing so much stuff away (epsecially when I think of were it all ends up and contaminates nature).
I'll definitely think about you before throwing away anything...

Fhubby said...

I say nothing!!! Love you (I don't think your loopy just you need to finish one project before moving onto the next)

Anonymous said...

No problem Mari but my bucket wont be pink dont want to draw too much attention to it. Javi despairs of my obsession with recycling and I fear one more recycling bin blocking up the kitchen will send him over the edge too. See you Mon?

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