Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Fairy Fiesta and tutorial

Wow! Did we get a great big Thank You this morning!
Not only had the Fairies left Jax a lovely shell heart in their new lawn,
But it looks like they had a fiesta to celebrate!
Complete with pixie dust and party bunting!

And like good little Pixies, they left a set of instructions
in case you're own fairies want to make some for their garden?!
Leave the instructions where your fairies will see them
and a plate of cookies...
(it takes a lot of fairies and hard work to manage scissors!)
and perhaps you'll be rewarded with your very own
Fairy Fiesta!

They will need:
Small fabric scraps (at least 2cm wide)
twine or string
fabric or craft glue

Press your fabric scraps so that you have a folded piece at least 1cm wide
(adjust your sizing depending on scale of garden)

Trim so that you are left with folded strips approx 1cm wide when folded.

Cut into triangles

Determine the length of cord you will need and knot at both ends.
Be sure to leave plenty of extra on the ends to tie to your garden

Arrange your flags as you like

Open up all flags and place a small dollop of glue in the seam
*Fabric glue is quite forgiving and can be manipulated easily,
however with craft glue you may need some extra mini clothes pegs
to help hold them closed whilst they dry.

Sprinkle with pixie dust
and hang

Then Boogie till the sun comes up!!!

And to see our Fairy Housing Construction progress
Click here

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Care said...

I'm a SUCKER for little tiny things! This is adorable!

Megan said...

Tiny equals cute in almost any circumstance and this is no exception! Little girls and mischievous fairies get a long well - what a great idea!

CCETSI said...

Those fairy gardens are so nice! And such a good idea to post follow-ups!

Thanks for sharing!

Susan @ Entertain Exchange said...

Very cute!

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