Monday, August 16, 2010

SOLD! - 1 ugly fixer-upper

With the housing prices as they are,
Our Fairies opted for a really cheap fixer-upper!

As you can see it's going to take A LOT of work

Phase 1
milk cartons and Loo rolls
Can't beat 'em!

Phase 2
What a difference a little glue, water and paper can make!

Phase 3
Ooooooo, Beach treasures!

We're currently awaiting Phase 4,
and we'll update here as it progresses!
be sure to bookmark this page if you're as curious as we are!


The Zoo Keeper-ette said...

LOVE it!! I have so enjoyed your fairy homes/environments- I will be trying one soon :) Hope they turn out as fun as yours!!

cositas simplemente bonitas said...

JUST LOVELY!!!!!!!I like it very much!!!lol

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