Friday, January 7, 2011

Holiday Overload!

Oi Vay....
Are the Holidays over yet?!!!

I'm afraid we've been a bit buried in Fiestas here.
It starts with Christmas eve, then Christmas Day,
then New Years and Finally 3 Kings.
I honestly cannot eat another bite!
So I apologize that Food Fight Friday
will need to be postponed until next week!

Besides being sick of food....
I'm buried in an avalanche of post that was delayed...
But ohhhh...a bit of delayed Christmas is never bad...
Especially when it contains 5 packages of New yummy Fabric!

So rather than tying the apron on and
baking up something yummy to sling at you.
I'll be tying myself to the washing machine and iron.

Oh ya....And the Hoover!

I'll be confessing later to an Epic Christmas Fail,
And it definitely includes the above pictured bit of ......

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Moon dough?? Mad got some from Santa (evil man) and that stuff is nothing but a big huge mess maker!

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