Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Sunday Art Review

Did I hear somebody say I was slackin?!
Seriously...It's been crazy productive around here!

I thought I would finally let you in on a little
on the side fun I've been having lately!

A few months ago I had an email from a friend wondering if anyone was interested in taking art lessons with this great local artist she knew.
Well hella ya! I'm in for that!
I nearly pounced on the reply button!

It has been years since I've taken my art seriously and I really have missed it.
So here's a little sneaky peek at the two of us gettin well messy under the awesome tutelage of Mz. Pearsall.

Check out her amazing website and work here.
Laurie Ann Pearsall
and she's on Etsy...Yay

Hoping to bring you a few Sunday reviews along the journey.


Laurie Pearsall said...

Thanks for the link love. These photos are so nostalgic and romantic, I'm gettin' a little weepy just remembering back to last Tuesday! There's lots more fun to be had in the studio, I'm glad you're part of it.

Sarah said...

What a fun opportunity! Can't wait to see what you guys work on next!

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