Friday, May 15, 2009

Blood, Sweat and yes, the occasional Tear.

Today I need a little therapy!  After a week of, Biopsies, X-rays, ultrasounds, Surgeons, Insurance providers, and Appt booking...not to mention a little trip to the post office to pay my forgotten phone bill....I´m in serious need of a little me time.  Hurricane Jax is out at the Aquarium for the morning so it´s just me and my madness left to fend for ourselves!

One could go crazy when waiting for results!  Fortunately, My mother (who is probably on the other side of the globe also going crazy) gave me the greatest gift of all in the battle against stress.  Creativity!!! Idol hands can make for an idol head and an idol head can dream up all sorts of ugliness in stress mode.  So I´m giving my head a shake and choosing to create something beautiful instead, full of happy colours, fun stitching and cheery intentions.  It´s a birthday present for a special 1 yr old who´s birthday we´re attending tomorrow.  

I know that I could probably just reach into my stash of already created items, however I just felt the need to actually do something today.  And I can think of no better thing than hand making a gift.  I Love handmade items (suppose that is obvious!) It´s not just the end result though...It´s the character that goes into an item, it´s the love and the thought, it´s the intention of the person making it.  I have several items around the house made for me and cherished over the years, I can envision how each person made them and what they were probably doing at the time.  What I hadn´t thought about was just how theraputic making these items can be, and possibly just how true is the statement that my blood , sweat and tears went into that! 

Now off to give the sewing machine a thrashing...Ahhhhhhhhh who needs Xanax?!

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