Friday, May 8, 2009

Life is to be Treasured

Today is Dirty Friday!
Yay.....we Love Dirty Friday!
And no Not that kind of dirty!.....Today is the day we gather with good friends and let the kids get Messy, Dirty and paint splattered. It´s our favorite kind of day. Our other favorite kind of day is hunting for treasures. Lovely strolling quiet mornings spent at the sea side wondering what the waves have brought us this time. Forget the sound of the waves....I´m forever hearing the familiar sound of sea shells clanging in my washing machine from forgotten pant pockets!

Unfortunately today is also a day I have spent hours trying to sort out some urgent health issues and medical appointments. You see I am in the process of determining whether or not the Lemon sized mass in my breast, which was okay last year but seems to have wandered off the table this year, is in fact an okay Lemon, or a very sour one. For lack of a better way to put it! I won´t go into mumbo jumbo medical terms, and I´m not putting this out there for any sort of sympathy vote (anyone who knows me would agree that I´m just too forward and practical for that...I´m also Canadian remember...which means I´ll feel bad if I´ve made you feel bad and then we´ll both feel bad without knowing what to say to each other and then who the hell is going to make the lemonade!?) Anywhoooo...I´ve had several friends rally around recently who really make me smile. They make me laugh and take my mind off the worry and don´t mind if I make poor taste jokes to keep myself upbeat. They are my Treasures.

Everyday I am thankful for the treasures that have washed upon my shores, My dear supportive, funny, quirky, StarWars Nerd Fhubby, my grubby, happy, seriously funny hurricane head Jax, my Family on both sides of the hemisphere, and my wonderful friends both near and far.

In honour of these we are making Treasure Boxes tonight for Dirty Friday. Special little treasure keepers for the grubs to build their own collections. For every shell and twig and rock is usually found in a special moment and a box full of memories and love is the best treasure of all!

I´ll update with some photo´s of their creations after we´ve swept the last of the mess under the rug!

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