Friday, May 15, 2009

Completed Treasure Box

I still haven´t figured out how to imbed updated photo´s into the original post so a separate post will have to do for now.

Want to make your own Treasure Box

First, you´ll probably want to get a large bowl of warm sudsy water and wash rags ready because you will be getting messy (I think I used my fingers rather than the paintbrushes most of the time!) I have a giant stash of rags cut from Jax´ol too old to pass along diaper shirts.

We used a round box from the craft store but any lidded box will do (kids shoe boxes are perfect and a great way to upcycle, but I hadn´t collected enough yet!)

Then I found some colorful party napkins for the decoupage, you will need to separate these down to just the colour layer as there are usually 4 layers of tissue or more. Again - want an eco friendly upcycled version, use comics from the paper, old book and magazine pages.

Next we covered our boxes in white glue (I recommend thinning this with water for easier spread) and positioned our tissue paper and cut outs as we liked. Lightly spread them down with a layer of glue on top also, this takes a delicate touch as the tissue can tear easily.

And finally, we used glitter paints (this can be done first also, when the kids just can´t wait to paint!) and glued treasures (use thick glue) on the lid and sides (remember if you are gluing items to the side that you leave space at the top for the lid to be replaced)

Of course most of our treasure boxes were completed by the moms as the kids got distracted by some sunshine and outdoor fun, but it´s our fun too! We more or less completed our lids first so that the kids got the whole process before their attention spans wandered.

Yes the wine is for mummies...the sippie cups are the kids!

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