Saturday, May 16, 2009

Surfin Saturdays!

Today whilst Jax naps I´ve been doing a little craft surfing, more or less to keep me from googling the scary stuff I don´t need to know just yet!

One of my favorite sites to follow is thelongthread by Ellen in Atlanta, She more or less is the reason I decided to begin blogging in the first place and I love her style and creativity.

Through her tutorial section I found a link to these gorgeous shabby chic pom pom balls from Molly Chicken (another great blogger!) Best of all they´re completely upcycled using all the salvage bits of fabric that usually end up in the trash (okay not in my house...I keep everything, so they´re usually in a heap on the counter or lucky enough to have found a place in a fishy cracker container, otherwise known as the waiting place!)

I can´t wait to try these as I´ve started a bit of a shabby chic obsession! To try them yourself you can find Molly Chickens great tutorial here. And for other great ideas be sure to check out thelongthreads tutorial sections!

Now I best stop surfing and get myself ready for the birthday party this afternoon, else Hurricane Jax is going to be up and spinning at full velocity and I´ll have to explain how Pyjamas really are the newest trend in party wear!

Happy Saturday!

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