Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is it 2010 Yet?!?!

It has to be said that the Spanish really know how to party!
After Christmas, New Years and finally Three Kings...we may just be able to get this year started!!!

I must say I tried to go out fighting...
Started my Christmas shopping and baking just 3 days before and at the same time decided I wanted to make Jax a very special heirloom stocking. Oh ya...and throw my Final Chemo treatment into that mix on the 23rd.

So even though the Fhubby still reckons I'm crazy he certainly wasn't complaining. He couldn't really, his mouth was stuffed with a butter tart which he'd never tried before, then a whipped shortbread cookie and just for good measure a toffee marshmallow roll. Hard to talk when you're drooling.

Okay...maybe I did go a bit overboard on her elf stocking...another project sans pattern, that got carried away. The cream flower was from Amy Butler and intended 3 times the size for a pillow project..but hey, if there's a way to make it more complicated and fiddly..I'm your gal. Que flashbacks of Mermaid scales....errrrrrrrrrrg.

But Sooooo worth it!!!

It seems I got the flower pattern just in time as I just checked the link and Amy has put up wonderful new free patterns for 2010, but alas removed the Flower pillow. If you'd like it send me a message and I can email it to you. otherwise you can check out Ms. Butlers 2010 scrumptious offerings here.

So my treatment ended rather uneventfully and Christmas was spent on the couch for the most part. We then all packed up and headed to Barcelona to spend New Years on the boat. (I know that just sounded pretentious and glamorous..but in fact we bunked in the crew quarters with Jax and I on the top and Fhubby in the bunk below) I know I know....why didn't we get a hotel?!?! Well...Hotels just aren't much fun if Mummy is sick in bed, there's no cartoon channel and the room service is crap so we didn't want to risk it. And sick I did get, Just in time for New Years eve festivities. So even New Years was spent pretty much on the couch, in the crew mess this time. Oh well...I'll say it just one last time.... Next Year!

And Next Year it is! WhoooooooHooooooooo!
Jumped on the bike and rode Jax and I into town for the 3 Kings parade, still in recovery as we speak (oops...perhaps a bit of muscle atrophy after 9 months)

However, All festivities in the can, it is time to get back to work and get 2010 started.
Today I'm cutting, cutting and cutting some more, and making a great dent in my fabric stash...Too many projects in the ol' noggin screaming to get out!

I'll be posting my Celebratory Giveaway this weekend, so if your interested in winning some choochmagooz sure to check back and tell all your friends.

See you then...I'm off to ice my thighs!

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