Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Show me your goods Neptune!

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It's been a sewing fest at mine this month.
Buntings, buntings and more buntings, Pirate shirts and a special pirate birthday gift complete with hat, eye patch and treasure bag (which I forgot to take a photo of before gifting it.)
And these little yummies...

I've been wanting to do these for so long and just never got around to it. However as Spring is rapidly approaching and the 1st anniversary of the launch of Choochmagooz (which although successful, got seriously squashed by the OBB - One Bad Boob!) I thought I had better up my stocks and get ready for a relaunch!

But today, although I heard my machine calling...I decided to take a day off!
The house cleaning was calling...I plugged my ears and stepped over the doll furniture.
Even the fridge was calling to be restocked...sod it..I still have peanut butter in the cupboard somewhere!

But the beach calling...
That's a cry I couldn't ignore.
After days of miserable cold rainy January weather, I can actually count the number of clouds on 1 hand, Ahhhhhhh Lovely!
And jostling with the kids (Another Spanish holiday today) for beach combed treasure...Priceless!
(okay...actually no one got hurt..the kids prefer shells and I go for the beach glass and ceramics, so it's more of a cooperated effort)

Ahhhhh Treasure from the Sea...
I might just have to end this day off and start a new project!


Carol said...

You deserve the day at the beach. Man, I am in awe at the crafts you are getting done. Where is all that energy coming from?
When I close my eyes I can picture myself there. I am sitting in the yellow chair with Jo going "Knit, Nana!" How is Lulu faring?

Megan said...

Wow. I'd go to the beach more often if my beach combing booty was even half as lovely as yours! Location, location, location. I'm glad you're getting so much accomplished!

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