Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You feelin L.U.C.K.Y??!

Wow...It must be true that if you give...so also you will receive.
So the day after our giveaway, the abundance was rolling in!

First, I received notice that I was also a WINNER!
I took a stab in the dark guess at what Beatrix over at Kindershop Online, had used to make two very cute little skirts. And I was right!!! WhoooHooo...that means one of those cutey patootie skirts is on its way to Jax as we speak!

Then we went to the aquarium...usually a 20€ adventure, but not only did they finally let me in as a resident (15€)...but they stamped my ticket valid for 1 week...so we can come again and again! It's cold..it's wet off and on, and it's windy..what a perfect week to spend with the fishies.

And then just to top off my day, a lovely little package was waiting at the gate!
I won't say what it was...I'll be composing a completely separate post just for it..but let's just say that it was perfect, made me laugh, and came with lots of love! Thank you Mz. Luckey!!!

So let's just keep the love and luck going!

Jaime over at the Dress-up drawer is hosting a very cool give-away, bringing to you her reader favorites. There's some very cool loot up for grabs! She's adding new items and shops who are participating daily, so be sure to check back with her.

Maybe we can pass this horseshoe around a bit!

1 comment:

Jaime said...

Hi there Mari,
Thanks for the shout out about the giveaway...and talk about luck, YOU WON!!!
Come on over and see what you won!



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