Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Shopping

Today Saturday Shop is a wee different...
In that I haven't got anything new in The Shop

I was heaps busy last week getting ready for a show,
getting a New Studio Space set up,
along with organizing my home one...
And producing items that are more adult oriented.'s a bit busy!

So here's a few pics from the Networking Show
and 2 Items that I made for my Spring
European Street Team Swap partner.

LACE Lunch and Networking Show

Two little gifts for a special Crafter.

There are some amazing artists in Europe.
Being part of the Team is such an honor,
I Hope my Partner likes her Goodies?!
(hint hint...They're just a taste
of what's to come in the new 'BIG' Kids collections!)

Happy Saturday...

For more actual shopping
head over to Zsazsazsu's
and AnneMarie's Breiblog


Helmitarha said...

Your table looks gorgeous!
And I love the gifts you made for the swap. I bet your partner will love them! I know I would. ;)
Have a great weekend!

zsazsazsu said...

even without any new item made, i loved to read your post !
have a nice weekend !

OnePerfectDay said...

Your table is ultra cute!
That's were I would've bee-lined!
I can't believe I missed the swap!

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