Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Woodchuck Wednesday - When Art meets Wood!

I would flog myself for calling the following Genius
a woodchuck!
He is a True Master and Artist!

Since setting up my little wood shop I've been thinking, sketching
brainstorming and generally doodling, some ideas to create.
I came across the fascination of Automata quite some time ago,
But only recently began exploring it further.

I've always loved whimsy and theatrics
So to combine it as an art form...makes my heart SING!

So today I introduce you to the amazing Art of

Steve Armstrong

To view more of his works please visit
the Heike Pickett Gallery

and to really see him and his Art in action...
Check out this 3 part series on YouTube!

Compared to Mr. Armstrong
I'm a woodchuck with my tail between my legs!

1 comment:

MyHobbyShop said...

what wonderful work. I am always amazed with the talents of others.


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