Friday, May 14, 2010

Place your bets!...

Okay...So one of THOSE weeks, somehow turned into 2, and I have been neglecting you yet again!
It's not you really...No really...
It's me!

I've been buried under my craft room,
I've been digging holes in my garden,
I've been hanging out with good friends,
and trying to hide out all at the same time.
When oh When will the fhubby return?!
He reckons 6 weeks, I say 8 ??
I think we should start taking bets!

So although a wee bit of the moopie Blues set in, I've been madly trying to get this house organized... Thank goodness for friends who arrive to cook dinner and top my trees all on the same day! It's a great distraction.

So although I have no recipe for you today,
(as I'm not the one doing the cooking!)
I do have a heads up for you!

In December Sew Mama Sew hosted
the mother of all giveaways, and Weeeeee
It's Back!!!!..........
The May Spring Giveaway Day

So instead of trying your luck on Tuesday,
Be sure to drop back here on Monday
for a Choochmagooz giveaway
and a link to all the fun over at Sew Mama Sew!

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