Friday, May 21, 2010

And the winner is...

Okay, first on the docket:

Fhubby FINALLY crossed the Panama Canal!
WhoooooHoooo...he's on the right side of the Pond!!!
5 weeks and counting my friends!

And now what you're really here for:

Wow...Just Wow!
I have to say that was a whole lot of Love I received this week!
And some serious giggles, some of you have some classic pet peeves!
I was hoping to respond to each of you individually, however I am simply overwhelmed by the response! So please accept this as a great big super shout out and Thank you to all of you for taking the time to enter, for your blush worthy praise of my work, and for those of you who really uhhhh...ya know..."Liked" me!

Now shall I just cut right to it....

Congratulations Free Indeed!
Shelley please look for my email,
I'm really excited to work on a cape for your grandsons!!!

For those of you who aren't grabbing the goods...
Perhaps you noticed the sneaky bonus prize for my followers!
If not... jump here, you'll have until Monday to enter!

Stay tuned for a custom cape to appear in the shop
and as a thank you...
I'll be offering free shipping (on cape's only)
to all who participated in our SMS giveaway

Oh and about regular programming...
I know it's Food Fight Friday,
But after commenting and reading and typing...
I couldn't sling a frozen Pizza at you, My arms are numb!

Happy Weekend!

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