Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Woodchuck Wednesday - Jaxville

Wow did I find you a super cool Woodchuck this week...

It's My Dad!!!
(with a little help from me!)

As I've been featuring all these other cool woodchucks around the globe I thought I had better at least throw in a shameless promotion of our own work!
Uhhhhh... ya know!

This weeks all about my dad actually
but I'll go into that in another post!

So what does a man tied to a desk do with his spare time?
Whittle wood of course...but not just whittle some wood,
How about taking over the garage all our lives and then when he finally builds his own house...builds an attached shop/garage as big as the house!
This man has every tool known and then some...and the clamps?!
Good lord we have been buying him clamps for every occasion since I was 5!

I grew up in that garage! And it wasn't just because that's where we kept the soda!
I remember making my first doll house with dads help from scraps in the bin, and pilfered fabric from mum for the carpets and walls. I remember him teaching me how to use the lathe (to my mothers horror) and making the UGLIEST candle stick ever! and I have to tell you...I really was the only girl in shop class!

So really it is no surprise that I love the tool section of our local hardware store (much to the fhubbies glee!) It's not everyday it's the wife asking for a dremel and work bench for her birthday, belt sander and bandsaw for christmas, and well, the scroll saw just because! He's a lucky man and he knows it! I even share! And well actually..I'm still waiting on the belt sander and bandsaw.

So before I got all obsessed with building my own woodshop, we spent the summer of Jax 2nd birthday back home in Canada. Dad and I went to work drawing templates, cutting, sanding, sanding some more....oh and a little more for the heck of it! (I really hate corners!) and then paint staining and beeswaxing. Whew..It was a mission but the end result was heavenly.

Jax has her very own village built lovingly by her Opa and Mama.

And you my friends...will have the opportunity for your own set too....
as soon as that belt sander magically appears
(I am not doing that by hand!)


Carol said...

Awesome story! You da girl!!!! Love from yo Mama!

academic poser said...

How sweet! I have a dad with a never ending shop as well. I'm so glad he was willing to share it with me. As a result the hardware store is also one of my favorite haunts.

Aunt Spicy said...

Adore! What an amazing little village!

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