Monday, May 31, 2010

Doing Sweet Tweet Nothin!


A Good day to procrastinate!

I'm supposed to be working on pacifier clips for Boys.
I'm stumped! I'm un-inspired!
And therefore procrastinating!

Girlie stuff really are more my thing!

So here's what I'm playing with whilst I wait for inspiration to hit!

I came across this blog post at Spools Sewing awhile back
and have had it in my give-it-a-go basket.
You can download the free pattern from their sidebar.
I shabby chic'd the tail instead of making it a clean line
and am rather happy with it.

But enough of that!
Think Boys, Think Boys, Think Boys...
Really I'd rather be sitting on a twig singing!


Cami said...

Hey cute stuff! I love your bird! hmm pacifier clips for boys?... something with stripes, any kind of animals. Trains, cars, airplanes? Sports?? eheh i don´t know.. just some ideas. Have a good evening!

Erin said...

Hi Mari! I'm so glad you found the rolls! I know they can be kind of messy but they are pretty stink' good, aren't they?!

Have a geat one!

ApachesPrincess said...

It is easier to come up with girl things than boy things sometimes isn't it? Love your bird! My mom made a few using that pattern and they turn it so adorable!

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