Friday, June 4, 2010

Food fight Friday

Oi Vay... That procrastination bug bit me real good!

But have no fear I'm back just in time to sling something delish directly at your thighs!
Don't even try to hide behind that table, these have special stealth thigh seekers attached!

I came across these yummy gooey delights
aka: Magic Marshmallow Crescent Puffs
from Erin at Making Memories during one of my blog hops, and was very downhearted as Pilsbury dough has eluded me for years on this Island!

Let me tell you what happens when some
crazed dislocated Canadian comes across
Pilsbury dinner rolls in the German gourmet deli.....

I tell ya...
there was dancing, hippity hop
there was singing...LaaaLaLaaaaaaa
and the heavens parted!

ok that last one I made up,
really every other customer parted and gave me That look!

So armed with Dinner rolls (They had to do!) and 'Real' Marshmallows
(My stash of those are courtesy of a darling air hostie mate!)

I quickly scoured my bookmarks and came back to Erins post here.
And If you think your thighs can take it...
Go on...
Get ya some of that!

And in other news...

I finally finished my Boys pacifier clips!

Nothing like a good sugar kick to get ya moving!

1 comment:

Cami said...

Love the clips. they turned out great! And where is this german deli? eheh Have a good weekend!

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