Monday, June 14, 2010

Spring into Summer

Well so much for the power of positive thoughts!

Had a surprising call from the fhubby this weekend and was instantly elated that they had arrived in Gibraltar several days early! Yay.....You'll be home in a couple days then?!!!!

Uh errrr well not exactly...

Turns out they have to go on to Italy first for an inspection and survey.

Do not pass go,
Do not collect 200 dollars
and sorry but you're going to have to sit patiently for another
Blaaaaaaady 2 weeks!

Okay, I really DO give up!
Spring will officially be over and the garden fully grown
One more call like that mister and I really am hiring a Garden boy!

So a few therapeutic crafting sessions to keep us occupied..

First Jax and I made this lovely Lantern
using some of the leaves from the garden and inspired by
The Magic Onions and Childhood Magic

recycle tip: Bought new shoes???
Those paper toe inserts are perfect for this!

I also have been inspired by some really cute button pictures lately, though cannot provide a link as I've seen them in several places and now cannot remember. Anywhoooo.... I received a huge parcel of buttons in the mail today and went gaga! Droooooool. I Love buttons!

So in our celebration of the garden
I whipped up this little embroidered hoop.

errr...don't mind what looks like a blue stain..
I had to tape it to the wall to photograph it as the suns down already!

It is such a joy each day to see Jax excitement
when a new flower blooms or the sunflowers grow higher.

Now if there were a little magic to keep her from growing so fast...
Just a little...

at least until Daddy comes home!

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hancock said...

love your stitching. new follower!

Laura said...

This is awesome. I'd love something like this in my house!

I'm hosting a giveaway and I'd love it if you stopped by!

Laura @ along for the ride

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