Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Best

Just a quick update for you today. We're off to a BarBQ and with all the luck in the world it will be our last without the Fhubby! He finally left Antigua (after they arrived with a hole blown in the main engine exhaust) last Saturday. Which would put the countdown today at 7 or 8 days to Gibralter!

So it's a happy day and I just felt like putting on the Sunday best for the day!
I finally bought myself a cute Maxi dress and after some crochet embellishing and altering I can actually wear it! Not an easy task when you've got cleave and not cleavage!

And when Fhubby left 4 months ago I still didn't have hair, Oh glorious hair! I thought I'd celebrate that by whipping up a little shabby flower hairband to match the new dress.

Happy Sunday!
Enjoy a day of rest as we're kicking off a big project tomorrow!


Megan said...

Cute headband, indeed! It's raining here so BBQ's seem like such a foreign concept right now. I hope that'll change soon!

Anonymous said...

Now there's a good looking girl I haven't seen for a long time, Fhubby will be thrilled to bits when he gets home no doubt.

Mrs. Darling said...

You look gorgeous!! Mmmmm to your bBque..

Lisa said...

Love the hairdo, nice to see it growing back strong and healthy, shows that you really kicked that cancer's arse. How are excited are you that Jase will be home very soon!

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