Sunday, September 19, 2010

Das ist Wunderbar!

Like Beer?
Don't mind Crowds? (as in Millions!)

Then Munich is definitely the place to be this next few weeks!

Unfortunately I'm not a fan of either,
But this is one party I would brave just for the gingerbread cookies!

I might even be tempted to pull out an old frock and do a twirl or 20!

Circa 1990!

Happy 200th Oktoberfest Munich!



Rockabilly Mom said...

We live in Germany and attended Oktoberfest last year and it was a blast! Of course, we had the kids with us and were there during the day so we could only do so much partaking but we had a great time! We actually bought one of the gingerbread cookies on a necklace and I still have it hanging in my kitchen! Good times! Prost!

TaraBianca said...

Cutesy frock

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