Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 1 - Cheating already!

Okay...I'm rubbish..
I cheated...
I couldn't wait for the Clothes week Challenge to begin,
I had ants in my pants and an itch to stitch!
So what was supposed to be my week long project...
Became my Saturday obsession instead.

And 7 hours later
I finished the most adorable project yet!
(Ifn' I do say so meself!)

However, in the spirit of sewing 1 hr a day...
I'm going to reveal only sneak peeks of it throughout the week!

sneaky peeky 1

I'll consider it a warm up project
and carry on with regular programming...

So for the week I'm armed with several great tutorials
and 2 of my favorite books...

I warned you about my fear of patterns right?!...
Well may I pass along a handy word of warning
from one of my stellar stupid moments!

READ the instructions

Yes... before running with scissors...
and hopped up on fight the fear adrenalin
It's best to know if those patterns actually include seam allowances
As is the case with both these books.

So adding an extra hour to my completion time,
and rendering some precious fabric useless...
Take it from me...
Read the Manual Mabel!!!

Public service announcement complete...let's get sewing!

Today's efforts:

Those dreaded pants!!!

I used an easy peasy pattern from the Carefree Clothes book.
but of course, I never make things easy...
I first tea stained some lovely lace to use on the trim
which would have given them more length...
And then I realized there wasn't enough lace..

Oh well..Happy mistakes!
I love the red just as much.

So now she has a pair of cute Capri's instead!
And to quote my mum..
Pants are a doddle!
(who knew?!)


Auntie Louisa said...

What a cute outfit!

Courtney said...

rickrack and embroidery, such perfect details. and I have to check out the carefree clothes for girls book, thanks for the tip! oh, and you have inspired me to try sewing with linen, i love the results. great job!

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