Tuesday, September 21, 2010

KCWC - Day 2, Kangaroo Kapers!

So we took Jax to Australia to visit the other halves...
emmmm errrr..
2 Yrs Ago!

That means...
A) the cutey patootie dress we bought for her there
was starting to look a we bit 60's mini'ish
and B) The cutey patootie fabric I bought in Aus was due to be Used!

So todays efforts was all about the knock off...
ya whatever..
it's a pretty standard jumper A-line
I'm pretty sure they don't hold a patent on that..
So I have no guilt in making a copy
And since I've changed the fabric, embellishments and trim..
It's not really a knock-off anymore, is it?!


I thought I'd give a go at making a pattern from an existing dress
and I'd say it turned out Delish!!!!
I even remembered to add seam allowances!!!

Obviously this dress took more than an hour...
I'm not That good!
In fact I think it took me that long just to clear my table and wrestle with the tissue paper. (Man that stuff is fiddly!) So lessons for the day included, tracing out a pattern from an existing dress and learning how to use the button feature on my sewing machine! Ohhhhh my new best friend!...How great is that little time saver!
I also came up with a great tip for turning out those fiddly straps around the waist! you know the ones...they're really long and your trying to line up the seam and press it straight...Argggg! Well fortunately I always have random bits of cardboard around. So I took a big piece of thin cardboard and cut it to the width of the band...slipped it inside, adjusted the seam to the edge, then just ironed with the cardboard in place. I know that's probably not an original idea...but seriously...you don't know how many I've done the hard way!

Ohhhhh Yaaaaaa...
Sneaky Peak #2

Happy Sewing!

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Sarah said...

Gorgeous dress! So glad my sister recommended your site to me! You are fantastic!

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