Thursday, September 23, 2010


Did you just hear my machines sighing?!
I think they have just earned themselves a much deserved rest.

So yesterday I had nothin for ya..
And today I've got too many photo's to fit in my wee blog!
(Apologies if your browsers are chugging and spitting at you!)

So first up is the Apron shirt from Carefree Clothes for girls

I made this more as a dressy apron/tunic in a softer fabric than recommended.
Also using ties in the back rather than a button...
those I reserved for the pocket details.

And because I just adore the Carefree clothes pants pattern..
And I was feeling scrap happy and ....Carefree...
I made a pair of Box Car Ruffle Bottoms

I know most people run away to the circus...
well I imagined a spunky clown jumping the first train outta there!
(Okay...Too much sewing this week,
Think I've been sniffin machine oil!)

So finally, It's time to reveal my crazy Saturday Obsession Project.
It's the Ultimate Saturday Swirl Skirt
(or Monday, Tuesday, Wed...... Cause it's just that fun!)

The Pattern is the Insa Skirt in 'Sewing Clothes Kids Love'
It's such a fantastic pattern I can see many more in our future!

With unlimited fabric choices and embellishing possibilities,
this really is a fun skirt to make!

I used my favorites from French General for the overskirt
and the Khaki is recycled from an old cotton overcoat of mine.

Excuse me if I now go crash with my machines...
It's been a fantastic week
* and a big shout out
and Thank You to Meg at Elsie Marley
for hosting a great challenge and party!

*okay...I know 5 days isn't a week...but I'm done folks!
If you're still working away..

Happy Sewing!

Ps. Because I've fallen completely in love with this book
I'll be joining The sew along hosted by Melissa over at Elemental Stitches.
Thank you Tanya for bringing it to my attention and inviting me along!
I can't wait to see what we all come up with next!

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Mel Makes Pretty said...

So beautiful! You did a great job on all the clothes but that skirt is so lovely!
Well done on a great week of making.

TLBorchert said...

You've become my Sewing Yoda in the span of three seconds.... :-)

I am so very impressed by that apron (and have gushed accordingly at flickr) -- not only the pocket on the front, but the TIES for the back are very, very clever. That's totally the "palette" I'm most attracted to in fabrics, as well: you had me at 'hello' -- ha ha!

However, I have been circling, pausing, stalking my copy of Sewing Clothes Kids Love and wondering if I should start with Imke or Insa...? HERE you have shown me in the self-same post some great inspiration for Insa-making. Absolutely beautiful. Absolutely. The details are divine....and in my favorite color palette, too. ;-)

PS: please consider joining the Carefree Clothes for Girls Sewalong....!!! And you're in the Sewing Clothes Kids Love group, right? If not, you really should be -- for these are both lovely, lovely examples of those patterns.

Megan said...

Wowy! Look at all those fun details! Everything looks lovely and especially cute on your little one.

K.D. Mullen said...

These outfits are so beautiful. You really have an eye for great combinations!!!

Melissa said...

Hi! Thanks for joining the sew a long! I love your apron and pants! I was pulling out fabric today trying to find something that would work for mine. I think I might use a lighter fabric like you did. So happy Tanya found you!

Allie said...

Oh so sweet! It is all so lovely!
You should come link this up to my Making It With Allie Party!

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