Wednesday, September 22, 2010

KCWC - Day 3, Shir Love it!

I have always shied away from Shirring!
I'm not sure why?...

I think it was a combination of fiddly wrapping the bobbin by hand, stories of threads caught in the machine and frustrating cries from others. Well thank goodness for those who share their tips and tricks online!
I armed myself with a fantastic tutorial from my favorite Fabric designer, Sandi Henderson. (just scroll down her sidebar and look for the Shir Madness tutorial) I also adjusted my bobbin tension as per numerous tips via google.
And put the peddle to the floor!
I can see a few more of these making their way into the closet...

Nothing to Fear!

So I'll leave you with today's Sneaky Peek
whilst I go find some T-Shirts to up-cycle for my next project.

Happy Sewing

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