Friday, October 15, 2010

Bad A$$ Mama!

I'm such a rebel...YAAAAaaaaa!
well as much of one as a stay-at-home mom can be!

Yes I made the cut!...and then some more cuts...
and then some ripping, and pining, and sewing..
and a few more seam ripping...

And somewhere along the line...
a wee Jacket emerged.

It's still a work in progress
but I didn't want to leave you hanging there too much longer.

So first act of rebellion:
cutting down a beautiful 100% Cashmere overcoat

I'm participating in the Carefree Clothes for girls sew along
over at Elemental Stitches.
and am supposed to be making this....

photo taken by Elemental Stitches

Whilst I think this jacket is really cute..
it's just not what I wanted for Jax.
So I used elements of both jackets in the book and went my own way.
Something romantical and dressy.

I'm sure my mother has a stack of school notes filed away...

"Lacks focus and does not follow directions"


Cami said...

It looks amazing!

Tanya said...

Wonderful!!! :-) I couldn't resist coming over to see if you had posted any photos. Lucky me!!!

It really does look amazing - and even better for the changes. You're supposed to do something to make each month's pattern your own -- in that regard, you are a Master!! I'm eager to see more. :-)

Care said...

Amazing!! YAY for chopping; it looks fantastic! Can't wait to see more.

Melissa said...

Wow! I love how its coming together! I cant wait to see the whole thing!

amanda j said...

...Which is exactly why you are rockin' the craft world a little. ;) (BTW, my little boy is turning 3 and wanted a "knight" birthday party--which, again conveniently, my kids already have adorable crowns for, thanks to you. Wow. That was like the best trade of my life so far!) Keep up the good work!!!

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