Monday, October 18, 2010

Dotee, do dee do..I'm so Procrastinating!

Now that my craft room is organized...
My head is totally Scattered!

I nearly missed a swap deadline I had signed up for last month!
And can you believe I even had a post it note about it!

I promise I'll get there yet!

So because I felt like doing something fiddly and fun..
I signed up for a Winter themed Dotee swap.

If you're anything like the Fhub you've just gone...
Huh??? is that!!!
Dotee Dolls are an altered art doll (between 3" - 5"), created by Dot of
dots life and art.
A great way to use up your scraps as all you need is
imagination and left over fabric, yarn and beads.

So here is my Ice Princess,

Ready to be bundled up and shipped to one patient swap partner!
(to be fair the deadline isn't actually until Wed)

Now back to my coat...
nothing like a creative procrastination break!

Gettin' my linky party on here:
Sew Cute Tuesday
Get your Craft On


Megan said...

Speaking as someone who has honed her procrastination skills down to an art (at least I like to think of it as artistic in some way), I offer you my full support and congratulations. Your Ice Princess is perfect! I totally knew she was an Ice Princess before I read further. A great use of your time.

Misty said...

Love it!! She turned out adorable! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!

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