Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Kingdom for a snooze!

I had hoped to give my poor overworked machines a nice vacation,
Maybe send them to the Spa for a scrub, buff and steam...

No such luck,
I had to drag them kicking and screaming
back into action after only 4 days...
Don't we all feel like that after a weekend?!

We've had a birthday to attend every Saturday for the past month
and sadly my gift cupboard was looking bare.

But have no fear, a Super Cape is always near...

If you recall I made several for a joint birthday
and of course had to make another for Jax

Flower Power

And yet another for a custom giveaway.

The Jolly Roger

So with a bare cupboard and a sweet 5yr old boy to surprise
What better excuse to pull together...

The Retro Rockets
Happy Birthday Buddy,
Hope you've had a special day
and blast off to grand Adventures.

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