Thursday, December 16, 2010

Are you ready for a Food Fight?!

Wow...I'm speechless!
And no it's not because my mouth is stuffed with baking!

So far we've had approx 275 lovely guests drop in
and enter our Giveaway!
Leaving behind such lovely comments,
favorite holiday traditions and cheer spreading ideas.

Being so far from home, we've had to combine some of our
original traditions and come up with a few new ones along the way.
It's always great to see what others do to make the holidays special.

Baking seems to be the running theme so far!
So in honor of that tradition,
and because you're all making some amazing festive treats,
I've decided to bump up the launch date of our First Ever

Global Food Fight Friday!

I'll open up the links tomorrow with one of my all time
favorite holiday cookies, and then stand back
and see what you've got to sling into the mix.
Oh I do hope you can join us for the party...
I couldn't possibly handle all those calories myself!

Our family has had a baking tradition for as long as I can remember. Several years running we even made our own chocolates, and of course my mother never did anything by half. She must have had the entire collection of Wilton chocolate molds! Though her greatest achievement, and a memory that will last me a lifetime is the baking fest.

I will NEVER forget the year she turned the guest bedroom into a cold storage. In Canada this is pretty easy to do at sub zero temperatures, stuffing a towel along the door to keep the heat from escaping from the rest of the house. She had turned that room into the biggest walk-in you have ever seen...I swear there wasn't an inch of that queen size bed that wasn't covered in tins and stacked 4 deep! I swear I could hear knocking in the night as the calories tried to escape and find us! It was Divine!

Be sure to drop in tomorrow and link up your holiday favorites,
let's see how high we can stack 'em!

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